21.03.2020 Feature Article

Only God Can Cure Our Land.

Only God Can Cure Our Land.
LISTEN MAR 21, 2020

Last night I didn't sleep. I chose not to because I needed to gain better understanding into the COVID-19 pandemic. I watched DW News vis-à-vis CNN until daybreak.

Following all proceedings including communication delivered by various Research Scientists and Doctors working on finding cure and taking care of patients affected with the pandemic respectively, I had just one conclusion; The world is in abnormal times, practically orchestrated by not science but spiritual forces beyond the world's intelligence.

Agreeable, an interview granted by a German Doctor and Researcher of the COVID-19 cure on DW News confirmed that Science cannot treat this pandemic.

He said "this pandemic goes beyond science imagination and for me as a doctor and researcher, I urge global leaders to seek God's intervention".

Owing to his recommendation, I now agree that the world must seek God's intervention first. That is not to suggest that we relegate science to the background. Both should be considered concurrently.

Let us go back to God in these times. He is faithful and just to heal our lands. Spiritual or religious faith will work over science. It is a fact I now stand with.

Reindolf Amankwa
Member, CTI-Middle Belt

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