20.03.2020 Opinion

How Prepare Are We, As A Country

By Adjei Boakye
How Prepare Are We, As A Country
LISTEN MAR 20, 2020

We should prepare for the worst, and hope for the best. The country is not prepared enough as compare to our neighboring countries. Public education is not enough, to even save a rat.

Three different styles of combating this crisis have emerged. And I ask, which one should we purchase as a state?

The Chinese, the South Korean and the Italian methods of tackling this problem are providing us with different results.

For South Korea, it's about their self-discipline, in Italy, it started with their well-known Laissezfaire kind of attitude and in China, it was conformity and regimentation.

In South Korea, the authorities have placed a focus on mandatory quarantine on infected patients and those they have been in contact with. Not only that, but there is also a much investment in public education; that is, advising the public to stay indoors and avoid any public events.

The use of nose mask, hand sanitizer and hand washing under running water are now rituals in these countries. Looking at our settings, can we do same....?

There is something we called, "the national character" where we always meet, greet and shake hands. Not doing so, is a different story all together....

Some adopted self-discipline, and it's really working for them. Can we fix this in our structural arrangement...?

Can we do away with these daily rituals (handshaking) in our cultural setup...?

Just asking few, but upon everything, there are more room for improvement.

Currently, I am enjoying my coffee in close doors... working from my bedroom. There are a lot on that table to discuss, though we can't leave a normal life there is hope...and this hope will one day set us free.

Thank you.
Adjei Boakye
(Executive Director- Captains Connekt)

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