18.03.2020 Opinion

The Hypocrisy of some Journalists in the Upper East Region must stop.

By Sunday Casper Kampoli
Sunday Casper Kampoli
LISTEN MAR 18, 2020
Sunday Casper Kampoli

So this morning I read a Facebook post of Samuel Mbura host of A1 Daybreak Upper East and in that post, he is seen inciting constituents of the Upper East Region to vote out almost all the MPs in the Upper East Region because the MPs are:

1. Not in their constituencies sharing gloves, face mask and sanitizers to protect them against COVID-19.

2. They are not in their constituencies educating the constituents on the novel Covid 19.

3.They are not engaging health professional to educate the citizens on COVID-19.

According to him they are rather using social media to preach “social distance” as precautionary measure which according him is not what their constituents need.

But even before this post, he had launched an unwarranted attack on his MP Hon Edward Bawa- MP for Bongo Central, for not copying what Hon Ablakwa and Hon Zenator are doing in their constituencies.

Now this is where my issue with him and like minds is, on the 13th of March 2020 the same Samuel Mbura wrote on Facebook “I think the politicization of the COVID-19 must cease. Can’t we think nationalistic at a point without partisan politics?”

Now what’s politics or politicization of an issue? And is Samuel Mbura doing politics with with COVID-19? Yes he is.

Politics according to Harold Lasswell is who gets what, When and How. And David Easton also says it is the authoritative allocation of values or resources.

With these two definitions from these political thinkers it’s obvious Samuel Mbura is doing politics or politicizing COVID-19.

But my problem is not his politicization of COVID-19 because man is a political animal by nature but his selective amnesia or hypocrisy on the issue and this is given life to the maxim that today under the corruption clearing agent Nana Addo the new brain is the STOMACH.

Nana Addo on the 11th of March 2020 announced that he had tasked the finance minister to make an equivalent of $100 million available to fight COVID-19 in Ghana. Unfortunately the next evening they announced two cases of COVID-19 in the country, at the last media briefing by the Health ministry on COVID-19 Ghana now has 6 cases of COVID-19 and all are imported cases.

As a native of the Upper East Region, I think every objective mind who has the interest of the people of the region at heart should be asking how much of this money has been released and has the Upper East Region gotten its share and what are they doing with it with regards to the numerous porous borders the region share with Burkina Faso and Togo who have also recorded COVID-19 cases.

Nana Addo is the head of state and government. He directs and implements government public policies. Mr Mbura should take his recorder and go to the RCC-UER and ask the Regional minister or the MDCEs who are the representatives of the President to tell us what they are doing to protect the lives of the people of the Upper East against this novel COVID-19.

And mind you Nana Addo’s decision not to close the border and other entry points which led to the importation of these six(6) cases is a policy or a decision because according to Thomas Dye Public Policy is what governments choose to do or not to do Or it's what governments do, why they do it and what difference it makes.

So Mr Mbura and his colleagues should stop this selective amnesia and ask the Regional Minister why the government is not prioritizing the lives of the people of Upper East by taking the necessary actions. This is not the time to convene numerous REGSEC meetings and take allowances in the name of COVID-19, we need action not talks.

Mr Mbura should also ask the Corrupt President through the regional minister why his “competent” 124 corrupt ministers have not been able to prevent COVID-19 from entering Ghana because the “incompetent” erstwhile government was able to prevent EBOLA from entering Ghana.

Please you and your colleagues should stop putting blame on the MPs because there is a limit to what they can do, the Corrupt clueless government and it’s appointees who head the region and districts, and superintendent over the financial resources of country should be held responsible.

I am a citizen not a spectator!

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