18.03.2020 Opinion

Presidential Directive To Churches To Shut Down: Problematic

By Frederick Forson || Christian Life Cathedral & Concerned Christian
Presidential Directive To Churches To Shut Down: Problematic
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Much as I agree with all frantic efforts by the state to contain the Coronavirus pandemic which is so far being emboldened by the element of fear and panic, I find the directive by the President of the Republic for churches to shut down their activities quiet problematic and a dangerous precedent.

Believers must be highly concerned and take note else we surrender our liberties to very strange government(s) and president(s) directives and if care is not taken they will dictate to us when and how to worship our God.

Again, there is a constitutional imperative that inhibits that Executive fiat especially when the leadership of the church was not consulted. It's like telling Journalists what stories to capture and when to publish their story. This may amount to abuse and an infringement on our fundamental Human Rights of freedom of worship.

This does not in any way suggest that the Church is living in isolation and must not be concerned about the current situation. We are deeply concerned and do care.

At best the President could have offered presidential advice to the church and other religious bodies but it appears we over step boundaries and directs the church to stop its spiritual activities. This can be an error and lead to fatal abuse that must not be encouraged under the current situation.

The Church may on its own volition based in expert advice decide to limit some of its activities and take precautionary measures since it has all calibre of professionals to advice it.

In fact in point 5 of the Presidential Order, the same remedy being offered to supermarkets and night clubs could have being suggested to the church and not to shut its activities down.

One worrying factor is the swift manner in which some churches are falling for this directive. Is that what Christ Jesus asked us to do in times of disease outbreaks? (James 5: 13-15, Psalm 91). Who will stand in the gap for us?

Who will defend the cause of our God?

Governments over the world have submitted to the authority of Covid 19.

Is the Church also to follow?

Where is the God of Apostle Paul who handled and killed the snake that arose from the fire to attack him in the days of old?

Where is the God of William Mariot Brain Branham who put the Ebola virus in his palm and the virus could not survive?

Where is the God of Charles Finney who prayed down revivals?

Where is the God of D . L. Moody whose mere presence on a train brought healings to thousands?

Where is the God of T. L. Osborne, James Mcknowns!

And where is the God of Nicholas Duncan Williams, the Patriarch who brought charismatism to Ghana?

Where is the God of the Agyin Asares and Sam Korankye Ankrah who fought and broke barriers for the gospel to reach the corners of Ghana and Africa through deliverance and supernatural healings?

I believe the devil is not in control of the circumstances of our lives!

Let's be courageous and face the pandemic head on. There is too much fear and panic in the system and we need the Church to tell us "do not be afraid"

In these trying times of such a catastrophe, where modern medicine appears to have no solutions to the menace, it is only the church which can provide a resting place for a dying world. So for the President to direct church activities to cease is to say to the Church: give up hope to fate and perish.

More frightening is when the President provided a window of comfort to night clubs and like activities which run parallel to the activities of the church.

This is like giving Satan a foothold and asking the Church to sit down; you are not needed in this fight.

This foretells the danger of allowing politicians and governments to mingle in the affairs of the Church and therefore should be a source of worry when the current government is said to be championing the building of a Cathedral to our God. The next time, the State will be directing Christians and believers in general when to worship, how to worship and where to worship our God.

Our God is a Jealous God, for He does not share his glory with anyone. Our God is able to contain and eradicate the Covid 19. He gives wisdom and knowledge as to how to treat and heal the sick.

According to most Believers, asking the Church to cease its activities is elevating Satan, knowing this pandemic was timely orchestrated by the devil and its cohorts. The church is rather needed in these times of crisis. Church activities must not be suspended. We have come far with this Gospel not through fear and panic directives.

If I were to be a church leader or a founder of any denomination, I would have treated such directive as a presidential advice and any legislative instrument purported to enforce this Executive Order will be seen as blasphemy against God and an affront to the constitution.

Mr. President many Christians believe your directive is dangerously unscriptural.

The Church, the body of Christ is subject to the Holy Spirit only.

Arise Christians

Awake and put on thy strength ...and rule, Ye Believers

Isaiah 52:1-2.

Frederick Forson

Christian Life Cathedral & Concerned Christian

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