17.03.2020 Press Release

President Akufo-Addo’s Response To The COVID-19 Pandemic Very Timely And Reassuring

By Dr. Issah Imoro
President Akufo-Addo’s Response To The COVID-19 Pandemic Very Timely And Reassuring
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Truth be told, President Akufo-Addo’s intervention to the COVID-19 pandemic is one of the quickest and robust measures ever implemented by any country at this stage of the disease spread to protect its citizens.

Anyone familiar with the situation as it evolved from China, the subsequent spread across the world and the various measures put in place by various Governments will be left with no excuse than to applaud our Government and give them all the needed support they deserve to fight this pandemic.

Experts in the field of Infectious diseases describe conditions like the coronavirus as having the “snowball effect” and following the normal (Gaussian) distribution curve. The Snowball effect means it starts small and builds up in size depending on the contact it makes. As for the Normal distribution curve, those who know its shape will understand that it means the disease will start with a low frequency until it reaches a peak and then declines.

It is the measures you put in place with the help of God that will determine the height of the peak (maximum number of infections). And because of how fast the infections are transmitted, experts like Dr. Anthony Fauci who is one of the top professionals in Infectious diseases say it is necessary to always assume you are far behind time and take tougher measures that will seem bigger than your present situation.

This is what most countries across the globe have failed to do. In Europe for instance, cases had to escalate to an average of 300 cases before countries started issuing flight restrictions, closure of schools and ban on public gatherings. The situation is the same for America even though they started a bit earlier to restrict flights from China. It is, therefore, an act of profound insight and cares for the health of the citizens that President Akufo-Addo moved in at the very early stage of the distribution curve (6 cases) to implement tough measures that even countries that have recorded hundreds of cases and tens of deaths have not even thought of doing. This effort needs to be commended.

It is now the responsibility of the citizenry to abide by these directives so that we can all work towards safeguarding the health of our society with the help of God. Of much concern, however, is the flagrant defiance of this directive by some religious bodies and I hope that they take heed from the regrettable actions of the South Korean religious group whose refusal to cooperate with their Government led to a hike in the number of infections with about 60% coming from the group. Two weeks ago their leader later realized the error in his actions and apologized only after the harm had been done.

Let us remain calm but vigilant, adhere to precautionary measures, support the authorities and continue to pray to God to provide us with protection and relief from the trials of this pandemic. Let us also not forget to say kudos to the team of health professionals and administrators who have been working day and night providing health care services to patients without any fear.

Written By:

Dr. Issah Imoro

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