17.03.2020 Opinion

This Is How The Corona Virus Pandemic Will End

By Richmond Arkoh Botwey || Agona Odoben 
This Is How The Corona Virus Pandemic Will End
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Churches and schools have been closed down. Funerals, parties and all forms of social gatherings have been banned.

The people have been cautioned to practice social distancing. It sounds like a Hollywood movie but Jack this is real.

The key question many are asking is when will all these end and life return to normalcy.

The simple answer to the question is not until the pandemic is over and the Virus defeated.

Now according to the experts, there are four ways the pandemic can end and am going to share that with you.

1. The pandemic will end when the Virus infects everybody and there is no one else to be infected. Some will die and those who will survive will develop immunity for the Virus. It sounds scary but this is possible.

2. The virus will vanish into thin air by itself when the weather changes. In fact, this was the view held by Trump and he relaxed and now things are getting out of hands in the US. According to the experts, most viral infections are known to be seasonal so it is possible coronavirus cannot survive when the temperature changes.

3. A drug will be developed that will prevent transmission of the virus. Scientists are busily testing antiviral drugs that can suppress the coronavirus and prevent it from being transmitted from one person to another. It is expected that in a few weeks such drugs can be ready and approved for use.

4. A vaccine will be developed that can cure COVID-19. A number of vaccines for the coronavirus are being developed some are even ready and undergoing clinical trials. But according to the experts, it will take not less than 18 months which is more than a year for a vaccine to be approved for use by doctors.

It is obvious that the coronavirus pandemic is going to be with us for some months. Scientists are warning that the only protection we have now is to remain indoors.

Let's stay at home and be safe. Don't wait for someone close to you to test positive before you start taking precautionary measures because it might be too late.

Once your friend catches the Virus you can also catch it before symptoms show.

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