17.03.2020 Article

No Respecter of Persons - COVID-19

By Raphael Takyi
No Respecter of Persons - COVID-19
LISTEN MAR 17, 2020

Within the past few weeks, there has been an adrenaline rush, pulses have raced, hearts have skipped a beat, wrinkles have further furrowed, sweats are dripping.

This mind-boggling entity is no respecter of persons. It doesn’t care for the rich, the poor, does not have preference for a football team and certainly not a discriminator of race.

It doesn’t budge, doesn’t stop, it’s relentlessly spreading throughout the human race.

Scientists have researched, world leaders have turned in their seats, religious leaders have prayed, holy books- Bible, Quran, Bhagavad Gita... name it, have been sought for answers, mothers have fiercely protected their babes under their wings, schools have shutdown, the economy is dipping, train stations have been deserted, shelves of shops have been wiped off provisions, sanitizers are the most sought after items, borders have been closed, memes have been made, alarmists have had their turn. What in the world could affect the lives of us busy humans? They named it COVID-19.

It’s interesting how a virus can be so small and minute and yet have the power to affect the whole of humanity in diverse ways.

Humanity has been caught up in the unnecessary hullabaloos of life. Religious bodies are entrenched in their doctrines and have missed their core essence. Money makers have been egocentrically caught up in building empires for themselves and their families rather than creating a legacy.

At this point, Romans 3:23 cannot be reiterated any further, for man has fallen short of the true essence of our beings and why we really are on this earth.

Though COVID-19 may seem like the worst plague that has hit the globe in our lifetime, it is also important to acknowledge the good that comes out of it. For every manifestation in life has a reason and intention behind it and it‘s time to give attention to those.

It’s time to give attention to our innate nature and personas. What qualities are you here on earth to represent?

It’s time to focus on your sole purpose; it’s time to have a conversation with that family member or old friend. It’s time to drop a coin for that old lady who sits down the street begging. It’s time to have that family unit. It’s no doubt, Corona has brought a sense of community feeling. So, it’s time to enjoy your loved ones, it’s time to notice the freckles and beauty spots on the face of your lover. Time to help your kids with their homework and tuck them in bed. Time to realize that we are all one people, breathing the same air, bathing the same sun and eating from the same bowl – Mother Earth. Even Corona virus is not racist or does not think one religion superior over the other; it affects whoever regardless.

It’s about TIME we RESET!!!
Let’s not quiver in fear and panic. We are bigger and better than this.

Let’s not give this mere pathogen the importance it does not deserve. Rather let’s give importance to it’s core essence and caring for those affected.

Let’s not make mockery of the situation or be alarmists.

Let us, with hearts of OPTIMISM, support our world leaders, our scientists, our doctors, nurses and health person to bring us to the light at the tunnel’s end. Kudos to our front runners.

Without the darkness, nothing comes to birth as without light nothing flowers.

Only when we are no longer afraid do we begin to live.

So, choose what you want to do during this period. Either you shrivel in fear or be the light in this period of darkness.

It’s entirely in your hands. 🤷🏽‍���
- Dr. Naa Dei Komley Tetteh
Raphael B. Takyi

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