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16.03.2020 Health

Coronavirus: Akufo-Addo’s Directive Confirms Weakness In Our Healthcare System – ISDES

Coronavirus: Akufo-Addo’s Directive Confirms Weakness In Our Healthcare System – ISDES
LISTEN MAR 16, 2020

President of the Institute of Security, Disaster and Emergency Studies (ISDES) Dr. Ishmael Norman says President Akufo-Addo’s order for the closure of schools is a knee-jerk reaction.

According to him, it is confusing for the President to order the closure of universities where students are knowledgable enough to take care of themselves, and yet allow some basic school students to still be in school because they have exams to write.

Speaking on the Morning Starr Monday, Dr Norman said government’s reaction to the coronavirus so far has proven that the country has a weak public health structure.

“It does not make much sense to close Universities where students are mature and more responsible but allow BCCE/WACCE pupils to continue.

“The closure of the Unis should have been staggered. To open the flood gate of thousands of students like this is not the best move. Their congregation at lorry or bus stations is not very public healthy,” he said.

President on Sunday evening announced new measures being adopted to avoid a spread of the virus after Ghana confirmed six cases.

Summary of the Directives from the President of the Republic.

1. All public gatherings including conferences, funerals, church activities have been suspended for 4 weeks.

2. All Universities, schools etc have been closed from tomorrow. They’re to do distance learning.

3. Government travel bans announced still in force.

4. Ministry of Transport to work with transport operators to enhance hygiene.

5. Supermarkets, malls etc must ensure the highest standards of personal hygiene.

6. Ministry of Local Government must liaise with relevant authorities to improve hygiene standards in our markets.

7. Attorney General and Minister for Health to fast track processes to ensure legislative processes are implemented to back directives.

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