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14.03.2020 General News

You Can't Tax Menstruation — Group To Petition Gov't Over Tax On Sanitary Pad

By Iddrisu Hafiz
You Can't Tax Menstruation — Group To Petition Gov't Over Tax On Sanitary Pad
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A group calling itself "Period Matters" is soliciting for signatures on social media to petition President Akufo-Addo and Speaker of Parliament over tax on sanitary products.

The group is asking the government to reduce the import duties on shampoos and further waive the tax component on sanitary pads.

They said they are not happy that government is taxing menstruation, the pride and dignity of every woman.

Read Full Petition Below:
"Period Matters would like to bring to your notice an injustice embedded in the 20% import tax and 12.5% VAT levied on Sanitary Pads in Ghana under the HS Code 9619001000 of the Ghana Revenue Authority."

People importing sanitary pads into the country pay 20% tax under the Harmonized Code (HS code 9619002900) of the Ghana Revenue AuthorGovernment as such products are recognized as luxurious goods.

Some students already are unable to attend classes during their menstrual periods because of the lack of necessary sanitary materials and a further tax on these materials will aggravate the situation.

Some girls miss school between 3 to 5 days every month, due to no fault of theirs, totalling 10 to 20% of every academic year.

There are risk of infections if women are not able to afford hygienic products indicating that women have a high risk of urinary tract infections, as a result of their short urethras.

About 250 people have already signed the petition but Period Matters says it wants 500 netizens (social media users) to sign the petition to the Speaker of Parliament.

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