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13.03.2020 Press Release

Coronavirus: Gov’t Must Strengthen Our Borders, Set Up Screening And Emergency Centers, Equip Hospitals — Western North NDC

Coronavirus: Gov’t Must Strengthen Our Borders, Set Up Screening And Emergency Centers, Equip Hospitals — Western North NDC
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Coronavirus has now become a worldwide epidemic which has sent shivers in the spine of the whole world knowing there exists no cure or vaccine for now. The rate at which the virus is spreading has become of major health concern to the whole world through the World Health Organization.

In view of this, the Nana Addo led government has now seen reason in what the minority in Parliament have been talking about in respect of our unpreparedness to dealing with any possible case of the virus. The President yesterday, 11th March, 2020 issued some directives and stated measures which have been put in place to combat this dreadful virus if it surfaces in Ghana through a televised broadcast.

Inasmuch as we welcome this news, the people of Western North region are not satisfied. The Western North region is a fragile region in respect of this virus. The region shares direct border with Ivory Coast or Coté d’ Ivoire and that makes it dangerous for us even now that a case has been recorded in Coté d’ Ivoire. We go there on daily basis with some even walking to cross borders. Districts like Bia East and West, Juaboso and Suaman are all areas in which critical considerations must be made.

Our wish is for the Nana Addo led government to put in more stringent measures to curb any possible outbreak through the region. The NDC wishes for the following to be done.

1. Screening and emergency centers should be mounted on the borders in the aforementioned Districts

2. Quarantine facilities should be mounted immediately in selected districts preferably those sharing borders with Coté d’ Ivoire

3. Some selected hospitals in the region must be well equipped to deal with the situation before possible transfers to other regional hospitals.

We are by this release calling on the Regional Minister to act swiftly to avert any occurrence which will be regrettable.

We are again cautioning all parents to be particular about their children most especially from two years up to ten years who are in school.

Long live Ghana!
Long live Western North Region!
Sam Jerome
Regional Communication Officer, NDC - WNR.

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