08.05.2006 Letter

The falling of incumbent government

By Martin Kwaning
The falling of incumbent government
08.05.2006 LISTEN

Dear Editor,

The last couple of years have witnessed the demised of various governments all over the world. Some have been voted out, others are increasingly finding it very difficult to win the confidence of the people they governed, even in the midst of good policies.

Undoubtedly, this deadly infectious virus-“pull down government”- has been mostly evident after the invasion of Iraq by the Allied Forces.

The German government under Sheroder and Mr. Martin of Canada all fell under the consequence of the repercussions or the economic hardships brought about by the Iraq war. The Prime Minister Thaksin of Thailand was forced to resign even when he seems to be embarking on good policies.

The President of Brazil, Prime Minister Tony Blair of UK and the President of the United States are all facing tough reception from their people and various calls for them to resign had become daily news. In Australian Prime Minister Howard is facing serious allegation of kickbacks during Saddam Hussein's regime. Recently, the Prime Minister Berlusconi of Italy has lost power.

Paradoxically, majority of these governments were doing well, laying sound economic policies but still their people are dissatisfied. This infectious virus-pull down government- brewing all over the world has reached Ghana. I will not mince words, with rumours to strike Iran, there are going to be more difficult times ahead for incumbent governments and this is the time for a desperate strategy to salvage the image of incumbent governments, most especially the NPP government.

All kinds of allegations have been levelled against the NPP government without the accusers coming out with any clear evidence to support their allegations, unfortunately in Ghana, the electorate believe much of the information they hear from the media and from Politicians and myopically send this impressions to elections.

One thing that has increasingly beats my imagination is the fact that some people especially politicians make all kinds of allegations against their opponents without substantiating them and sadly they have been left to go free without any legal actions being taken against them. For instance somewhere last year Mr. Asiedu Nketia (now NDC General Secretary) said that President Kufour wants to assassinate him and sadly no aide to the President sued Mr. Nketia.

For me it is only those who just returned from Saturn (Planet) will make such a stupid accusation against the President. This is a President who will never even conceive the idea of oppressing his opponent let alone assassinate him/her. But this and many other poisonous allegations have been levelled against this government that if care is not taken it will cause a closed-election results in 2008.

The NPP may rightly claim that the incumbent governments booted out in Canada, Italy, Germany, Thailand etc have different characteristics, for with the NPP a new leader is about to be selected altogether and will perhaps launch a NEW BEGINNING SLOGANS, that will buried all the unsubstantiated allegations against the party. I must concede however, that, it is not going to be a smooth task and hope the NPP strategists will adopt the best of strategy that will defuse the polluted minds of some Ghanaians, thereby wining the confidence of Ghanaians for the new leader.

Frankly speaking, if the party unite behind the new leader to be elected soon and I dream of the best strategy, the NPP will undeniably win the 2008 general election without much difficulty. One significant advice to be given to the NPP aspiring members for the Presidential slot is that, they will do themselves and the party much favour if the various names that have been bounded in the media withdraw their ambition and let the four candidates which my in-depth research had showed that they have the overwhelming support of Ghanaians both home and abroad - the Vice President Aliu, Nana Akuffo Addo, Mr. Osafo Marfo and Dr. Addo Kufour.

Equally imperative is the fact that generation will never forgive them if they allow their respective campaign to divide the rank and file of the party rather than uniting the party- they will never have peace in their grave.

Equally relevant is for ministers and DCE's to be humble and dress modestly and takes steps to be closer to the chiefs and the people in the rural areas. All Ghanaians can not belong to one party and therefore government officials should never distance themselves from chiefs and people on the other side of the political divide- we are one people with one destiny and the wicked and devilish attitude of government officials shunning opposing members is not helping Ghana.

There was this allege incident where it was reported that a government official visited a village and because the chief there is a member of the other party, this government official failed to pay a visit to the palace of the chief, am totally disoriented when I hear such naïve attitude from politicians.

The voting out of incumbent governments all over the world should be a wake-up call for the NPP.

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