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10.05.2006 Critics

Ghana Is Heading Towards A Civil War – Kofi Wayo

By Chronicle
Ghana Is Heading Towards A Civil War – Kofi Wayo

NPP More Vicious Than NDC
The maverick Politician, Mr. Charles Kofi Wayo, who claims to be bracing up to float his new political party, United Republican Party (URP), has urged Ghanaians not to renew the mandate of every political party after its first tenure of office, but to continue to change them until the needs of the masses are met. Alleging that the New Patriotic Party (NPP), was hatching plans to rig the next general elections to enable them hang on to power, he said it was unfortunate that the affairs of the nation was handed over to what he described as vampires, non God-fearing people, social murderers and others. According to him since the assumption of the NPP government, it had consistently imposed untold economic hardships on the suffering masses. “Our country has been handed over to vampires, social murderers, non God-fearing people and others, who are not concerned about the plight of the people.

They are only interested in satisfying themselves', he said. Wayo, who made this observation in a chat with this paper last Saturday when he stormed Ga Mantse Agbona to give moral support to the Ga-Dangmes during their first anniversary celebration of March for justice, said the NPP had killed the spirit of the people and the spirit of the land. Explaining, he said the government had sold Ghana to foreign investors, and thereby making Ghanaians in their own land slaves to foreigners. “Our independence has been rendered meaningless. After fifty years, we have not achieved anything except poverty. I believe that Kwame Nkrumah and others would be weeping in their graves”, he lamented.

Stating that he saw the nation heading towards civil war, the former leading member of People's National Convention (PNC) said the NPP administration was more vicious than the administration of Mr. Jerry John Rawlings. He alleged, “These people believe that they have degrees which are license to destroy the people. They have planned to rig the next election to hang on to power because they have committed crimes against humanity. They are corrupt”.

Kofi Wayo, again claimed that the government does not care about the citizenry, and stated that the housing scheme introduced by the government to the teachers was just 'azaa', adding, “We need to keep changing governments until we see the best.” Asked about his comments on the reports of Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) which cleared President John Agyekum Kufuor over his alleged involvement in the acquisition of the Airport Hospitality, now dubbed “Hotel Kufuor”, Mr. Wayo, described the report as 'window dressing', pointing out that there was no way the acting Commissioner of CHRAJ would indict Mr. Kufuor.

“If Mr. Kufuor is cleared then I am Eskimo. It means the man has not been cleared. The woman has not got the moral courage to indict the president. There is more to that report,” he said, asking, “Why is it that CHRAJ refused to extent the same facilities to Mad. Gizzelle Yajzi, the principal witness, just as they did to Alexandria Anane,” he asked rhetorically. Wayo, popularly known as ''Chuck', pointed out that there was the need to have a parliamentary inquiry into the matter. On the recent increase in minimum wages, the critic said, he does not see the relevance of the increase for the simple reason that it does not commensurate the fuel price hikes.

He said the cabinet reshuffle was meaningless to him. He said; “I don't care about their reshuffle because it does not change the lifestyle of the people. It does not bring developments to our people. It does not bring water and light to the people. They are there for what they can 'chop'. They are not there for the nation. The masses are suffering but they don't care,” he claimed.

Asked about why he plans to float a new party, he asserted that, “I just want to help people. I don't need money. I want the right things to be done. In fact because Ghanaians are getting more civilized, I hope they will vote for the URP.” The party, which would be outdoored in a couple of months, has 'Let us make a better Ghana'.

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