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10.05.2006 Health

Girls Watch These Things!!!


When a girl engages in premarital sex, she might get pregnant at the first attempt. When this happens, the boy, who may probably not be ready emotionally and financially for marriage, will deny responsibility. This is because he may find the responsibility of caring for a baby too much to bear. The girl becomes saddled with the challenges of being a single parent.

In some cases, she may try to abort the pregnancy, which often leads to complications and could result in infertility in future or even death.

• AIDS, syphillis, gonorrhoea and other sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs) are easily spread through sexual activities.

A girl might be sure of her state of good health but might be uncertain of that of the boy she's having a relationship with. Whether she chooses or is pressured to have sex, she might contract any of the above diseases which will lead to major problems for her for the rest of her life.

• A number of researches into the lifestyles of people have shown that premarital sex might jeopardise a lifetime of fidelity within the sacred bonds of marriage.

This is because couples find it difficult to stick to only one person for the rest of their lives. However, when either party has kept away from premarital sex, their chances of remaining faithful to each other in marriage is higher. This greatly reduces the chances of extra-marital sex.

• Some boys put pressure on girls to have sex with them, to 'test' and see if they are mature, respectable and determined enough to say NO.

Once a girl consents, the boy will have his way and thereafter lose respect for her. The boy might even brag about the fact that she gave in to him and probably describe the whole episode to his friends. In no time, the girl's reputation will be destroyed. This can greatly affect her, since she will not find it easy getting a man who is willing to marry her when she's ready.

• Popular culture would have you believe that there is something wrong with you if you remain a virgin— that you are frigid, or weird, or a prude.

People who make mistakes in life tend to want other people to make the same mistakes so that they won't feel alone. (“Misery loves company.”). When some people are sexually promiscuous and have messed up their lives with a string of sexual conquests, they try to make their own mistaken, twisted lives look right by convincing themselves and others that “everyone is doing it.”

This choice not to start having sexual relationships is a beautiful thing. If you have not started having sex, you can make this choice and experience this beauty in your own life. YOU'RE WORTH WAITING FOR!