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10.05.2006 General News

Freemasonry not cloaked in mystery - Martin-Daniels


Mr Samuel B. Martin-Daniels, Chairman of the Public Relations Unit of the District Grand Lodge of Ghana, on Tuesday urged the public to disabuse their minds of the erroneous perception of Freemasons being secret societies that engaged in occult practices. He said the Freemasonry, like all associations was aimed at making people become good citizens, as well as to contribute meaningfully to the development of their societies.

Mr Martin-Daniel was speaking at a media soiree organized by the District Grand Lodge of Ghana (DGLG), English Constitution (EC) as a means of opening its doors to the media to dispel all the myths surrounding the practice of Freemasonry in Ghana. The occasion was the first time ever that the Freemasonry had opened up it doors freely and at length to the members of the mass media of the country.

The soiree was also used to launch a yearlong programme for the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations of the District Grand Lodge of Ghana. Mr Martin-Daniel said the evolution of Freemasonry since it was first introduced in Ghana in 1810, has been through dangers and difficulties, citing financial constrains coupled with misconception and misinformation about the aims and objective of the association, these, he said had impeded its growth.

He, however, said the increase in the number of lodges from seven to 57 in 75 years was a commendable achievement. Mr Daniel-Martins also said a major threat to the survival and practice of Freemasonry in the country was the wrong perception that the lodge was a secret society.

"It is the intention of the District Grand Lodge of Ghana to use the anniversary celebrations to unveil to the mass media the true story of Freemasonry for all to know.

It is hoped that by this means the myth surrounding the practice of Freemasonry in Ghana will be broken once and for all," he added. Dr Jo Blankson, Assistant District Grand Secretary, who gave the history about the society, said the Freemasons first emerged in Ghana in 1810 with its principles and tenets founded on religious truth and virtue.

He said the District Grand Lodge of Ghana was constituted in 1931 with mandate for the administration of its affairs through the vested authority of the District Grand Master. He said the institution admitted men from the ages of 21 years that were of sound mind, good character and above all must believed in God.

He said any person, who entered the Freemasonry was at the beginning strictly forbidden to countenance any act, which might have the tendency to subvert the peace and good order of the society. Dr Blankson also said the society had supported many charitable activities including education, health, social welfare, refugees, HIV/AIDS programmes and Korle-Bu blood bank. 10 May 2006