08.03.2020 Public Statement

Message On Women’s Day

Aut Joins Women To Celebrate International Women's Day
By Africans United Taiwan
Message On Women’s Day
08.03.2020 LISTEN

It is time for us to evolve, forget about the provocative talks, and look at the real issues surrounding how we deal with each other everywhere. For over a century now, International Women's Day (IWD) has been a celebration of women, their empowerment and inclusion and their ever-long quest for equal treatment as the same species belonging to the same human family.

To the Africans United for Taiwan (AUT), International Women’s Day IWD is a day for reflection, and a clarion call for men and women alike to commit themselves to the following pledges: “Challenge bias and inequality; Campaign against violence; Women’s advancement; Celebrate women's achievement”.

We have been reading about the extreme repression of women and girls in our various communities, countries and regions with a mixture of sympathy and horror. The AUT holds the belief that women have an intrinsic value which is equal to men, and that their contributions should be valued, both within the family, and in the larger world, and in the larger context of national and international affairs.

Women deserve to have their human rights defended rigorously through the courts so that a stern message is sent that violence against women and girls will not be tolerated for any reason, and perpetrators will be punished for their crimes.

Men must be made to understand that our families should be oases of peace and tranquility, where family members are nurtured and encouraged to grow to fulfill their optimal human potential, regardless of gender. Our families make up the fabric of society; they are both the springboard for our efforts in society as well as our refuge from the stresses of modern life.

When we stand together for fairness, we can be a powerful force for women’s equality and positive change, at all levels in society. This calls for improving women’s wages, narrow the gender gap and help women improve their lives, the world becomes a safe and decent place, and we can make the world a better place.

Today is a day of international solidarity with women all over the world; and a day for reviewing the strength and organization of proletarian women.

But this is not a special day for women alone. The 8th March therefore is a historic and memorable day that calls for sober reflection.

To mark International Women's Day (8 March), the Africans United for Taiwan sends solidarity greetings to women around the world, who are continuing to bravely work in areas severely affected by conflicts and brutal dictatorship. International Women's Day is a good time to send a message of greeting and support to the women of Latin America, Africa, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Palestine, Afghanistan, Colombia, the Ukraine, Asia and especially to our brave friends in the Latin American Amazons, and women who are carrying on a business in the midst of many obstacles and also bringing to their country and to the wider world their experience.

On this historic day every year, the AUT salutes women and their immeasurable struggle for human, national and political rights.

Concluding, we dedicate this day to all heroes and heroines everywhere in the world who sacrificed in many ways and surrendered their lives so that the world could become free of discrimination, violence and peaceful. Their dreams have become a reality. Freedom is their reward we are both humbled and elevated by the honor and the privilege that they have bequeathed to us, in order to lead our countries out of the darkness.

Victory is sure!


James Baimba Fofanah

Acting Executive Director

Africans United for Taiwan (AUT)

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