06.03.2020 Feature Article

How An Inventor From Nkrumah's Ghana Can Help Australia's Windlab Become A Global Wind Energy Giant

How An Inventor From Nkrumah's Ghana Can Help Australia's Windlab Become A Global Wind Energy Giant
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As a Pan-Africanist, and Nkrumahist, it is entirely appropriate and proper, that on Ghana's 63rd Independence Day anniversary, I can humbly point out to the management of the Australian equivalent of Ghana's Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation's (CSIRO), spin-off, Windlab, that it was a very strategic and farsighted move, on their part, to opt for a presence on the African continent. It will turn out to be the longterm salvation of Windlab. For sure.

I can assure Windlab's executive chairperson, Roger Price, that through the game-changing serendipitous renewable energy sector invention, by the brilliant Ghanaian marine engineer, Raphael Afordoanyi, all the CSIRO's wind farm projects in both the U.S. and Australia, which have been abandoned, can be revived and transformed into lucrative ventures - creating jobs galore for the communities they serve, and, enormous wealth, for all their stakeholders.

I humbly suggest that for due diligence reasons, Windlab works with Interpol, and the Australian High Commission, in Ghana, to enable them locate and talk to Raphael Afordoanyi's partner, in Ghana, the equally brilliant Eugene Kofi Boakye-Yiadom - who is the CEO of the hugely successful Legon Botanical Gardens, and Ghana's foremost green entrepreneur. Kofi will give them Raphael's online contact details. As it happens, Raphael currently lives overseas.

When they finally contact Raphael Afordoanyi, Windlab will discover, to their utter surprise, how cutting-edge technology, by a Black African, from Nkrumah's Ghana, can help them transform the global clean energy generation sector, into the saviour of the electricity industry worldwide - in the era of climate change: and help prevent humankind from reaching the climate change tipping-point-of-no-return, by making the world's thermal fossil fuel power generating sector, obsolete. Cool.

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