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06.03.2020 Letter

A Letter To The Youth Of Ghana From Nkosuo Initiative Foundation

By Nkosuo Initiative Foundation
A Letter To The Youth Of Ghana From Nkosuo Initiative Foundation
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Dear Ghanaian Youth,

Are my dreams achievable here in Ghana? Is Ghana or Africa a good place for me to be? How would my future look like? What are my desires? etc.

As a youthful and youth-led organization, we are all in direct battle and contact with these questions and more every day of our lives. We wonder whether there will be a time when we can fend for ourselves and families by depending on salary from one job. That's whether we even have a job. Will there ever be a time when we don't have to hassle so much just to keep afloat or don't have a rough time or spend too much time and effort just to put food on household tables or fuel our cars? We all identify with this one way or another regardless of our social class and where we find ourselves in the country and in the city.

For about 63 years now, we (Ghanaians) come together once a year, on the 6th day of March to remind ourselves of what it means to be free from colonial rule, but also about the cost of the 'freedom' we enjoy. Our founding fathers fought tirelessly for what we have today, but the work was partially completed. Dr. Kwame Nkrumah our first president knew this, and iterated it thus, he said, “the independence of Ghana is meaningless unless it is linked to the total liberation of Africa”. He gave his all to Ghana and to Africa. Nkrumah was not alone, many were imprisoned and died for our emancipation from the colonial masters.

The visionary (Dr. Nkrumah) was overthrown. Those who took over, the political class and the generations following, including the present passing generation, have failed us as a country and as a people collective, Africans. Many, of the political class, have been traitors, and for the grassroots, they settled for half-finished victory. Past generations considered their personal comfort, though fleeting, and were not willing to sacrifice for a much more established future for generations yet unborn. We find ourselves in slums, with poor infrastructure and increasing difficulty in life because of this. Will we dare to be a different generation? Will we dare to do what our parents didn't or couldn't do to set a better tone for our children?

Today, we find ourselves in a puzzle, celebrating independence even though we are very much dependent. Have you wondered what it would be like if we can no longer import stuff across the oceans? Your rice, sugar, flour, clothes, vegetables, etc. everything. Why such dependence and capitalism?

You must understand that your future and that of your children is linked to the emancipation of Africa from 'Western' domination and neo-colonialism. Africa must no longer be called a continent but a country. It is our responsibility as youth to restore the greatness of Africa. We must take this as a generational vision. Something to give ourselves to and be willing to give our lives for. Nelson Mandela said, “There is no passion to be found playing small and settling for a life that is less than the one that you are capable of living”.

The 'Ghana beyond aid' agenda is a good start. But we can't leave this struggle to old men and women. Can't you see, the political class are failing us? They don't have a genuine care for the masses – all of them! Our independence would have been entrenched if the generation then, had supported the vision and fought for a unified African state (Psychologically, geographically, economically and socially), the United States of Africa. Africans already appreciate our cultural diversity, this wouldn't have been an issue. They planted spies and some of our 'leaders' became traitors, rats.

What do we benefit from a unified state? First, understand that Africa has a significant demographic in the world. We are game-changers in the age of the Anthropocene in terms of climate and environmental economics, natural resources and even human capital. Our interest as African youth will be registered in global discussions when we have a unified state. It will give us a voice. The 54 self-governing African states do not command enough authority to be heard. Simply put, we are underrepresented. Secondly, your economic fortunes will be much better in the United States of Africa. There are many job and business opportunities in Africa, if not, all these foreigners from Europe, America, and Asia would not be flocking here this often. We are limited because of the borders and principally because of regulations. The unified state will foster free movement across the entire African region, think of it, the opportunities are limitless, you can easily move from one state to another where your skillset is most fit. Although there will be challenges, the advantages outweigh them. Imagine what it would be like if political and economic decisions are made in the principal interest of African people and not any others, that is true freedom, real independence.

How can this be?
Share your African dream. What kind of life do you desire for yourself and your children? What kind of Ghana or Africa do you want? Just take out your phone, turn on the camera, and make a short video about your African dream today. That is the beginning. You don't need anyone to give us a voice – we have a voice. Use the hashtags #Voice1Africa #AfricaWeWant #NkosuoInitiative

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When you think about your dreams, think about what true independence will mean for mother Africa.

How would my future look like? What are my desires?

Happy Independence Day
Mr. Witness Avutor
Ag. Exeutive Director

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