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04.03.2020 Regional News

Pedestrians Panic Over Imminent Collapse Of Kaneshie Bridge

By Jessey Kuntu Blankson
Pedestrians Panic Over Imminent Collapse Of Kaneshie Bridge
LISTEN MAR 4, 2020

Pedestrians using Kaneshie Over Head-Bridge are shaky as a result of an imminent collapse of the bridge.

It appears playing the usual ostrich, authorities are only waiting for disaster to strike.

Precious lives are going to be lost if the government does not immediately intervene.

One eye witness seeking anonymity said a driver with overloaded goods on top of the bus forcefully entered under the bridge causing damage to the bridge.

This has compelled pedestrians to use other routes by jumping over a barricade to Kaneshie Metro Mass

Residents and traders are appealing to the government to come to their aid within the shortest possible time and fix the lapses on the bridge for them

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