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Odumeje And The Native Doctors (4)

Odumeje And The Native Doctors (4)
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Those who serve Satan do not appreciate the harm they do to themselves, their children and the future generations. Yes, you may enjoy the so-called power, influence, wealth and protection now, but the end will surely be disastrous and full of regrets. You and your children will eventually pay for it.

Today, when I see people boast of all these things I weep for them because I know what their end will look like. Or better still, you can go and see the families that took from Satan.

So much pains, troubles, setbacks, strange sicknesses and mysterious things happening around them. Look at their children, their grandchildren, their families, their once flourishing empires, the demons are still hunting and trailing them. Spirits don't forget covenants and pledges. They meticulously remember and keep them to generations, unless a stronger hand breaks them off. Be careful!

The word of God says that those who serve idols will be like them and so many other punishments. You can go and read them in Leviticus Chapter twenty-six from verse one to the end. It is indeed fearful! It is from untimely death, failure, mishaps, disappointments, fear, defeats, miscarriages, sickness, diseases, sudden deaths, etc.

Those that serve these gods, idols, and demons have a lot to worry about. Then, to the pastors and the Christians, it is not enough to boast that the fire of God will come down. We must immediately begin to return to God. We are so far away from him.

Even with our mega-churches and endless programs we are still not making any serious impact. We are simply competing and building empires for ourselves. We must forsake our waywardness, worldliness, and wickedness. We must return to him in holiness and repentance or risk being run over by these rampaging agents of Satan.

We must learn from the mistakes of people like Samson; who did not know when the spirit and power of God left him because of his carelessness and immorality. You remember how this great man of destiny rose that day to do what he used to do and he didn't know that the presence and anointing have left him.

Then, we must also know that the power and fire of God answer only to holiness and dedication. Now how many of us boasting can actually call down the presence of God on that level - with all these materialism, boasting, pride and worldliness?? I am just asking. You know that talk is cheap.

I want to ask you now, are you sure that the fire of God will answer you with all these backbiting, selfishness, strive, jealousy, immorality and envy? I doubt. For me the most important thing is not to boast about calling fire, walking on the water and looking for the dead people to raise, but to go back and rebuild our relationship with God.

The Elijah you people are referring to did something before that fire flashed down at Mount Carmel. First, he was actually selflessly fighting to restore the fear of God in Israel. Then, he took time to rebuild the altar of God that was desecrated and destroyed.

Yes, he took the time to do that. He systematically, meticulously followed the divine pattern. Yes, God has a pattern. He cannot be worshipped anyhow like we do today. It is not about you, it is about him. We must search his words, discover and tendentiously follow his pattern if we truly want his fire of revival, presence, and judgment to come down. Till next week. God bless you!

Rev Gabriel Agbo is of the Assemblies of God and the author of the book Power of Midnight Prayer. Tel: 08037113283. E-mail: [email protected] Website:

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