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Make yourself rich

Make yourself rich
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"You find an idea for a product or service when you look around and see where there is a problem and what people might want o have!" said Mohammed, 16, student form 10.

"And how do you know which problem is for you?"
"As this world is full of problems, so full of personal opportunities to solve them and become famous and rich and happy in life...I guess we ALL can get crazy when we have a mentality to see the world constantly as a pool full of problems and when what we hear and see hits our mind constantly with a soaring voice 'Solve me...solve me...I am a great opportunity for you!'...I guess someone can actually get crazy over can hunt someone with such a mentality...I mean such a life can be a real problem!" responded Mohammed looking serious and concerned.

"As you grow older and wiser, many ideas will hit your soul and your heart will pump for joy when you have a flash of ideas to solve a problem that surrounds you...but your inner voice, your destiny's eye, will select what problem to solve is for you, and what is for others to become great and happy. Ideas come and go, stay for a day, for few weeks only....but one day, one day...stay patient, do not panic when others overtake you! problem will hit you seriously hard, will not go, but vanish like all the thousands before...will give you sleepless nights, will be with you when you wake up and when you sleep...know that when such a problem is constantly speaking to you wherever you go, that problem so solve is for you. You only need one idea to be happy...and over time famous and rich to stand on a platform that helps you to announce whatever is important to you...and that is not money in the first when you want to be a businessman only for the sake of will fail over time!"

Humans see pictures first, then start thinking and put their thoughts that become ideas into words they have learnt in oral and written form, after which they put them down on papers as learnt in kindergarten, art class or university.To see pictures is universal and independent from social and economic backgrounds, they are free and come for free, never an object for outsiders to determine and destroy or preventing from coming.

Pictures become economically and/or politically vibrant when, over time, they turn into vision of great magnitude. Regardless of your current situation to think big is the order of your glorious and think far, far beyond your imagination. When your inner self lives constantly each day your vision - over time - life and God will position you in a place where you will meet your financial helper that needs a man with a vision to increase his wealth. Do not rush...take your time to perfection before you speak about it with the right people. Life gives us many chances each and every day, but when your helper comes along your way and you cannot attract him with the right matured vision, words and enthusiasm, your passion to turn the tables of life...the chance will walk by you and not see what your soul is carrying, you will rather die as a man with a dead vision. This process comes with loneliness as evil forces of jealousy around you will want to discourage you and bring you down. Family and friends hate it to see someone of their own they think they so well know will eventually stand above them realizing in a mirror they could have achieved the same or even more but stay far behind...yes, to be lonely among so many people you love, once loved or want to embrace close to your heart is one of the hardest sacrifices you have to make...when you want to make it!

Most inventions in this world were made by poor people from a very humble background. Companies rich and glamorous today once started off as small enterprises with one person alone or one standing out in a team of friends. Wanting to be perfect but accepting serious failures must be your mindset always. Practising to write Business Plans on the internet is for free, essential technique to learn from early on again and again whether an idea will ever see the light of the day or it prepares for the one day, one-day breakthrough you must prepare yourself for...and only you can do it!

To register a private company in Hamburg/Germany costs € 20/Ghc 100 (7 packs of cigarettes or 4 bottles of wine)...and you are ready to go!

People around you will say: "I do not want to take the financial risk that comes along with being your own boss, I do not want sleepless nights thinking about the company, during the start-up face no holidays, shame and disgrace on me when I make a mistake and people no longer love me...I want 37,5 working hours a week, have my paycheck monthly for certain, see my kids grow up with lots of time spent with them and a social net that keeps me afloat in times for job trouble."

Tell these people: "Jobs, also the job for you, is only created by people like us that are ready to carry the burden you do not want to carry. The roads you and I use we use equally much, our kids go into the same kindergarten and school and do not occupy more time or space from the caretakers, we use the same public transport paid for by tax papers money...and so much more. What makes you think you have more right to ask me percentage-wise of a higher tax contribution to society than yourself that want an easy life right from the start...but the air we breath is still the same for you and me?"

Morally and economically there is no justification for a progressive tax system...only on political grounds as the majority of a people (voters; Politics, especially in "Democracy" is not about right or wrong, but all about getting the most votes to come into power and stay there.) will never go the hard way to become entrepreneurs and think it is morally justified to punish anyone that steps outside the track to stand in the light of life.

As the slogan of the Social Democratic Party of Germany goes "Strong shoulders can carry more" to justify heavy taxes on entrepreneurs; this is morally not sustainable like the idea of Karl Marx and his Communism. When you give employees a higher income their living standards might increase...yet the increased expenditure is not creating jobs in their hands but gives more money to entrepreneurs from which they buy products and services that make them richer and enable them to create more jobs due to the increasing demand of their products and services.

To spend money is not as profitable and productive as investing money...simple bottom line of any economy on earth! Satisfied developed countries are spending societies rather than investing societies, this can be found in developing countries to a greater extend. When developing countries have the right mindset and wisdom, they easily overtake satisfied developed countries.

Always carry Dominion Mentality!
(Recently more and more reports and pictures appear on social media of the wealth certain individuals in Africa process: Mansons, Bugattis, Rolls-Royce etc.. The question naturally arises, why do these people allow their own countries to beg for Donor money and AID support - by which they increase the dependence on the developed world and make further exploitation possible in the first place - being able internally to solve most of their countries financial problems? Developed countries have very rich, rich, middle income and poor people, yet they do not beg for any support from foreign Nations! What can possibly be the answer to the above question...I wonder.)

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