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03.05.2006 Technology

Technology Distribution Co. launched

By Ghanaian Chronicle

The Hon. Minister of Communication Mr. Kan Dappah chaired the occasion of the official launch of Technology Distribution (TD) Ghana Ltd, last week.
In his address, he admitted that the research of crude oil (Hydro Carbon) had cost the government a lot in previous years.

“However, during my term of office as the Minister of Energy, most resource people advised that it was impossible to locate crude oil in the country and such investments spent on the research of crude oil could rather be directed into Information Technology (IT) to generate a lot of revenue for the country to improve the economy.”

The chairman of the Board of Directors of Technology Distributions Ltd (Ghana), Prof. Anya O. Anya, said TD's remarkable success within a relatively short period derived from a number of factors, including demonstrated ability over the years to match the peculiarities and changing needs of each local market with appropriate products; premium brand basket that comprise the world's best and most trusted IT brands such as Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, APC, Epson and Zinox, availability of large stock; as well as wide ranging up-to-date product models; competitive pricing, including discounts, credit facilities, flexible payment terms and reliable manufactures' warranty; and effective sales support based on superior product models.

“As TD enters the Ghanaian market, we are resolved to make a positive impact on this market. Also, we hope to become the industry benchmark for dynamism, efficiency and competitiveness,” he envisaged.

He however emphasized that TD's mission is to act as an effective facilitator of IT revolution across Africa.

“This we seek to achieve through a commitment to make quality IT products accessible, affordable and usable in our local markets,” he said.

“Ghana and Nigeria have long enjoyed strong fraternal bonds as well as ever increasing political and economic relations, and also it is our earnest hope that the connections and evolving business relations between TD in Nigeria and TD (Ghana) will symbolize a further cooperation in the ECOWAS region,” he stated.

He said TD commenced business in 1999 as a modest distributor of IT products and has since evolved into a truly international world-class company with office in The Netherlands, software and consumables for leading global brands such as Hewlett Packard (HP), Microsoft, APC, Epson and Zinox.

“Over the period, TD has distinguished itself through superior product knowledge, customer-focus, market drive and high efficiency levels. These have translated into a very high business profile and rapid growth in market share and profitability, as attested to by multiple commendations, recognitions and awards from some of the largest global IT corporations.”