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24.02.2020 Travel & Tourism

Two Incredible Diving Spots for Superyacht Charterers

Two Incredible Diving Spots for Superyacht Charterers
LISTEN FEB 24, 2020

Chartering a superyacht isn't just about the privacy and the incredible amenities afforded to you. For the charterer craving adventure, superyachts are the perfect way to experience jaw-dropping ocean environments that would be otherwise inaccessible. With the right training and crew, diving in these exotic locations can be a completely unique experience – with no other soul about for kilometres, it'll feel like you' have the ocean all to yourself. With countless dive locations around the world that you could embark on, there's a good chance you may be overwhelmed by your options. With this in mind, we suggest two of our favourite diving spots that you can venture to in your superyacht.

The Seychelles
You've secured your charter, perhaps courtesy of a friend or a digital platform like Ahoy Club, and you're ready to start exploring some of the world's most breathtaking aquatic regions. So, where do you start? We recommend first setting off to the Seychelles, a country archipelago off East-Africa renowned as being one of the world's most premiere diving spots. Within its UNESCO-listed nature reserves and protected marine sanctuaries, the Seychelles is home to some of the rarest and most beautiful species of flora and fauna in the world. Of particular note are the giant Aldabra tortoise, the largest species of tortoise in the world (these tortoises can grow up to 300 kilograms!) and the exceptionally rare Coco de Mer palm. In terms of diving, the Seychelles continues to deliver in spades. Share waters with magnificent whale sharks or if you're interested in wreck dives, explore the remains of the 28-metre fishing vessel Aldebaran sitting 30 metres below the surface – having only sunk in 2008, the ship offers a unique opportunity to see what a fresh wreck looks like.

Indonesia's Raja Ampat
Raja Ampat, a stunning archipelago in Indonesia, has an incredible reputation as being an untouched ocean wonder. While it has steadily been increasing in popularity with superyacht charterers, we're pleased to say that this reputation is still more or less true. Raja Ampat boasts over 1,500 islets to explore, which is more than enough to satisfy any exploration-driven charterer, and the impeccable tropical weather means you'll be able to discover its secrets without the worry of the elements being pitted against you. It's really the diversity of Raja Ampat that make it such a big drawcard for superyacht charterers – in addition to the environments themselves, which range from white sandy beaches to mangroves, the caves, tunnels and channels of the archipelago feature three quarters of the worlds coral species and the largest marine biodiversity to be found anywhere on the planet. With waters so clear you'll be able to witness the diversity from the comfort of your yacht, we nonetheless recommend a dive to truly experience Raja Ampat in all its glory.

Start planning your diving odyssey today
The Seychelles and Raja Ampat are two of the most gorgeous diving spots you can visit, and are absolutely worth putting on your bucket list. Even with their respective uniqueness, the two beautiful locations we've covered are just the tip of the iceberg. Chartering a superyacht allows you to break free from the shackles of tourist travel and go where few have gone before, exploring depths that contain stunning sea life, intricate coral structures and the shells of once-glorious ships. If that isn't enough to convince you to pack your things and travel to your closest archipelago, we don't know what is.

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