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A Disgrace On The Throne

A Disgrace On The Throne
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As a traditionalist and authentic Yorùbá son, I am very embarrassed. I am greatly discomforted. I feel personally humiliated. I feel personally insulted. I feel thoroughly disrespected. I feel dishonoured by this incivility on the throne. I feel greatly perturbed by this insolence, impudence and impiety. I am greatly worried that we have a thug on a revered throne. I really feel ashamed.

How this miasma came to be manifested has to be investigated. How a dog came to occupy the throne of a lion has to be revisited. How a stinking pig came to walk on a throne of white velvet has to be looked into. How a putrid character got the chance to contaminate a sanctified and sacred seat must be deconstructed. How a morally calcified crud came to cruise on a cherished cathedra must be disembowelled.

This is nauseating. This is disgusting. This is revolting. It is detestable and distasteful. It is repulsive and repugnant. Who were the decision-makers that put him on the revered throne? Who were his sponsors? Who were his supporters? Who were those that carried the water for him? Who were those that recommended him? Who were the approving authorities of this charlatan?

A highly combustible shamelessness. An audacious disgrace. An unrestrained reprobate. A licentious loose cannon. A giddy goon gallivanting perniciously over a greatness built by generations of great characters. A misfit. A bohemian. A beatnik. Vacuous. Empty. Brainless. Thoughtless. Valueless.

What is happening in Yorùbá land? What is happening to Yorùbá Nation? What has occurred to our great Culture? What is happening to our tradition? How did we get here? How did a depraved degenerate get to occupy the shrine of our forefathers? How? Someone, please help me, how?

Definitely something could be done about this. Something must be done about this. This could no longer continue. An end has to come to this shenanigans. This is a travesty. This is grotesque. This is a mockery. A parody. A perversion. It could not continue to subsist. Not any further. Not anymore. Not even one more time.This has to be completely severed. And immediately too.

Suspension is not enough. It is not going to be enough. It won't be enough. Suspension would not cut it. It would not do the job. Removal is the only solution. It is what is required. It is what would appease Elédùmarè, the God of our fathers. It is what would satisfy the spirit of our ancestors. It is what would delight the gods. It is what would cleanse the Stool of all desecrations.

He is a pumped up opprobrium. He has no scintilla of a sense of decency. He has no idea of what he does. He swims in the pool of alternative reality. He is creamed in a cocoon of mortified confusion. He is a bull in a china shop furiously seeking the grass to eat. He is in a wrong place. He does not belong. He has cinctured cognitive ability. His thought process is functionally arid.

That is why he is still brazenly loudmouthed. This is why he is still blatantly loquacious. It is the reason he is still garishly garrulous. It is why he is still bragging after disgracing the hallowed throne. It is why he is still granting interviews. It is why he is still all over the social media, acting comedically with fetid tinges of concentrated yèyénátù.

This is the throne once graced by the people of dignity and integrity like the Tadeses, the Lamuyes, the Osunwos, the Olayiwumis, the Adegunodos, the Ogunmakindes, the Gbases, the Abimbolas and the Adegoroyes. This is the throne that was once occupied by men of honour and characters like the Olufates, the Abanikandas, the Ajanis, the Omotoshos, the Olatunbosuns, the Adubiarans and many more.

It is a throne that has now become the playground of and for a corn artist. A fake. A phony. An impostor. A quack. He has given enough reasons for his DNA to be checked out. He is a doubtful true born. He is destroying 800 years of hard work, meticulously put together by men of vision and mission. He is pulling down a house that had taken 800 years to build by men of valor and character.

He has called himself an emir. He has called himself an Eze. He has called himself every and any despicable name that is antithetical to the duties and expectations of the throne he is descrating. He has engaged in evey repugnant act to disgrace himself, his family, his ruling house, his people, his city, his race and Yorùbá Nation. Suspension could not and would not solve this problem. Only REMOVAL from that Stool would do.

The Iwo people needs our help to put an end to this blot. They should remember that no amount of money would repair the damages being visited on this throne The Goverment of Osun State needs our encouragement to be courageous. The Osun State Council of Obas need our support to be proactive. All Yorùbá people of good will must stand up and end this disgrace to our Nation, our land, our heritage, our history and our people.

This nonsense has gone on for too long. This is the time to end it.

©Remi Oyeyemi.

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