Sun, 23 Feb 2020 Nigeria

World Leaders Need To Intervene In The Genocide Of Christians-: Insists Huriwa

Condemns Adamawa; Plateau Attacks
World Leaders Need To Intervene In The Genocide Of Christians-: Insists Huriwa

Wondering why President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration has so far pushed back on the groundswell of emerging facts that the escalation in the mass killings of Christians, the burning of their Churches and houses in selected Christians dominated towns and Villages of Northern Nigeria by Islamic tertorists and armed Fulani herdsmen constitute carefully CHOREOGRAPHED GENOCIDE, a leading civil Rights Advocacy group-: HUMAN RIGHTS WRITERS ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA (HURIWA) has affirmed her hope that World leaders will intervene without further delay to stave off full blown genocide similar to the HOLOCAUST.

HURIWA has therefore asked the President Major General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd) and the National Assembly to as a matter of a national emergency take concrete measures to invite the United Nations Security council to lead the process of establishing a global wide military interventions by creating buffer zones in the affected communities to stop the ABSOLUTE ANNIHILATION OF CHRISTIAN MINORITY TRIBES IN THE CORE NORTHERN STATES OF THE NORTH EASTERN STATES AND SOUTHERN KADUNA STATE.

"These steps, the Rights group said are imperative because both the boko haram terrorists and other related armed attackers have continuously made good their threats to uproot Christianity from the entirety of Northern Nigeria even as the RIGHTS GROUP blamed the skewed anti- Christian land policies in some states in the North West of Nigeria WHICH DELIBERATELY is aimed at denying CHRISTIAN CHURCHES RIGHT OF CERTIFICATE OF OCCUPANCY TO SET UP CHURCHES as one of the key motivating factor driving the current wave of anti-Christian massacres and genocides of epic proportions by the combination of Islamic terror extremists and armed Fulani herdsmen in Northern Nigeria. "We make haste to advice President Muhammadu Buhari to stop living in denial and accept the intolerable reality of the existence of a coordinated genocides of Christians in Northern Nigeria as the first necessary steps towards finding concrete way forward in addition to the immediate rejiging and reorganisation of the nation's internal security institutions to infuse the participation of CHRISTIANS to head some of these internal national security platforms currently dominated by Moslems."

HURIWA said: " Our hearts bleed as we have just read about what a newspaper called fresh revelations that have emerged on how Boko Haram insurgents attacked Garkida town in Gombi Local Government Area of Adamawa State for six hours on Friday night. The town is located on the Gombi-Biu – Damaturu Road, which shares proximity with Southern Borno and Sambisa Forest.Reports say police barracks, churches and a house belonging to Gen Paul Tarfa (retd.) were among several buildings burnt by the terrorists during the attack.Meanwhile, the Islamic State’s West Africa Province is said to have claimed responsibility for the attack, alleging that they killed three soldiers and took some worshippers in a church hostage in addition to other villagers in the community. How on earth with scorched- earth terror agenda of eliminating the presence of Christians and CHRISTIANITY be allowed by the Federal government to continue to manifest and unfold? Why will the Federal government be busy spreading half-baked PROPAGANDA to attempt to deny the existence of a well-oiled plots by Islamic terror groups and armed Fulani mercenaries to wipe off Christians even when the plotters have successfully carried out their threats? HOW IS IT THAT CHRISTIAN LIVES DON'T MATTER ANYMORE IN NIGERIA?"

HURIWA Which believes that there is a well planned genocide targeting Christians and urged the Nigerian authority to listen to the voices of reason and work out how to stop this rapidly expanding threats against Christians and to openly invite the United Nations Security council to provide PEACE ENFORCERS TO KEEP MEMBERS OF THE CHRISTIAN MINORITY TRIBES NOW UNDER ATTACKS IN ALL OF THE NORTH EAST AND NORTHWEST SAFE BECAUSE AS IT IS THE NIGERIAN MILITARY IS OVERWHELMED.

HURIWA invites President Muhammadu Buhari to sit back and read the factual newspaper accounts from the victims of the recent Adamawa attacks and take steps to assure Nigerians that his government is not in a conspiratorial silence whilst the genocides against Christians go on because as we got the information from an eye witness account rendered by a media the “People were also killed but I have no record as of now. They also razed General Paul Tarfa’s residence, among other important buildings in the town. A tweet by @tntmagazinenigeria also showed a church that was eventually burnt by the insurgents. It read, “Where several houses, which included those of prominent sons of Garkida, market, churches; EYN, Living Faith and Anglican burnt. Rural health centre, two ambulances burnt while another two taken by the insurgents.The saddest part is that some people from the very town of Garkida who were recruited by the insurgents were the ones selectively showing the insurgents which properties to set ablaze. My heart bleeds for this nation we call Nigeria.”Also, the Cavell Group, a consultant in intelligence, risk, crisis and expedition, in a series of tweets via @TCG_CrisisRisks, noted that many of the villagers were able to escape into the bush while some were abducted."

HURIWA warned the Nigerian authority that Nigeria will pay heavy price should the current governmental authorities continue to threat the massive genocides against Christians as a non-ISSUE.