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22.02.2020 General News

Lucozade Ghana Cleans Osu Beach

Lucozade Ghana Cleans Osu Beach
LISTEN FEB 22, 2020

Lucozade Ghana has organized a clean-up exercise to clear plastic wastes at the Osu Beach.

The company said it is aimed at addressing the menace of plastic waste pollution in our water bodies.

As they believe water is life and being their main raw material for production, the company has taken the initiative to join forces with others to work on the campaign towards sensitising their consumers and the society as a whole about the proper disposal of plastic wastes and other waste materials which are polluting our water bodies.

The exercise was organised on February 22 dubbed "Lucozade’s love date with Earth" (Beach Clean Up) depicting February as being the month of love. It was chosen to show love and appreciation for Mother Earth for loving and giving mankind all that we enjoy, indicating the reciprocal love we have for Mother Earth.

The clean-up exercise was in partnership with the Coliba Recycling Company to help recycle all the plastic wastes been collected during the exercise and in the next few years, Lucozade has a plan of ensuring that 100% of their packaging will be recycled as it has already started.

There were hundreds of individuals including Chiefs and people of Osu, consumers who contributed massively towards the success of the exercise.

The Country Manager, Lucozade Ghana, Mensah Seneadza indicated that the exercise is going to be a culture which they are going to imbibe in the people.

He noted that the exercise is going to be done every single day by way of investing in sustainable processes such as investing in bins and supporting other organizations that are already into sanitation, cleanliness and plastic waste management.

“I would want to advise all our consumers and responsible citizens to rise up and work together to ensure that we have a clean and healthy environment…we want to encourage the City Councils to invest in bins and put up some punitive actions to penalize people who ignore these investments around,” he stressed.

The Assembly Member for Osu Alata Electoral Area, Hubert Kpakpo Garshong said inhabitants of coastal belts mostly face the challenge of improper waste disposal due to the fact that all the drains within the communities find their way down their community.

He commended Lucozade for coming to their aid to address the challenge. He also appealed to other companies to emulate the Lucozade example and help in the campaign of ensuring a clean environment in our society.

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