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29.04.2006 General News

Hot weather is normal - Meteorologist

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The current heat wave in some parts of the country would soon give way to monsoon rains, Mr Amos Narh, Senior Meteorologist at the Meteorological Office - Kotoka International Airport, Accra, said on Friday.

"The high level of heat being experienced is normal at this time of the year", he said.

Mr Narh said the rains would be accompanied by strong winds, thunder and lightening.

Speaking in an interview with the Ghana News Agency, Mr Narh said during this time of the year, the sun moved closer to the equator, causing a lot of heat especially in the tropics which was a very normal situation.

He said the weather would become colder as the sun moved towards the tropic of cancer, hopefully around June and July.

Mr Narh advised farmers to begin planting crops after two or more rains, adding that the month of May would most likely experience heavy rains.

Commenting on the likelihood of floods during the rainy season, Mr Narh said rains of recent times were not as heavy as they used to be, adding that flooding in recent times was mainly caused by irresponsible human behaviour such as choking of drains and building to block waterways. He said many low lying areas which were not inhabited sometime ago had people living there now and that put them at risk when it rained.