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20.02.2020 Feature Article

Predictions And VISION of A FUTURE GHANA

Predictions And VISION of A FUTURE GHANA
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The Bible has many wise words to warn and to heed. One of my favourites says that “A borrower is servant to the Lender”.

In the Akan Language, we have a wise saying that Life is War! In all societies and in life, standing up for human rights cost time and money and personal sacrifice.

Who is willing to sacrifice for his nation?

Who is willing to donate some money to help Ghana stand up! Some of my younger friends want to stand as Independent Presidential candidates- but what does it take to move a train from a wrong track leading to disaster?

Many Economists are good at writing long and fancy reports predicting that Ghana is one of the fastest-growing economies on earth. We heard these nice-sounding words in the mid to end of the 1980s and then again in the mid-2000s and we are in 2020. Ghana has far more natural resources and after almost 25-40 years of so-called good Economic indices, we are nowhere close to Singapore!

Common sense would suggest that if you borrow money and put it in your account, it may not be fair or wise to boast that you are rich!

When a man is fortunate to live to the three-score-and-ten, he must reflect on life and earn those behind.

I am afraid the nation of Ghana is being sold gradually into servitude and in 50 years Ghana may be in some status like an enslaved nation! It will be a new form of servitude (as the Bible calls it), where they don’t have to capture people and send them away into foreign lands. This time Government owes $100 Billion and every month therefore, every taxes collected at the Airport or GRA goes to the Chinese lenders to pay for the loans! And millions of them would have been settled in Ghana to make such policies not too hard to implement.

Parliament will do as the Chinese want in order to collect their money!

All the current MPs and Ministers will be dead and gone!

Some of you young graduates today may be 75-85-year-old men and women and may remember that some President called Mahama or Akufo Addo were reported to have obtained some loans from China! You never saw the money but they signed for it.

My vision of the future Ghana

Dr. K. Danso Feb.19, 2020

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