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17.02.2020 NPP News

Weija-Gbawe NPP Mafias At It Again!! One Delegate Slapped For Supporting Tina Mensah's Contender

...At Emergency Popularity Research Organized By Sitting MP
Weija-Gbawe NPP Mafias At It Again!! One Delegate Slapped For Supporting Tina Mensah's Contender
LISTEN FEB 17, 2020

There was drama at the Mallam Cluster of Schools under the Weija-Gbawe Constituency in Accra on Sunday when a capacity building seminar for Weija-Gbawe Delegates of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) organized by the sitting MP Tina Mensah was instead turned into an incognito Popularity Assessment Research for the MP.

The officers were there to build the capacity of the delegates but at a point shifted their focus to campaign for the Member of Parliament (MP), Hon. Tina Gifty Naa Ayeley Mensah.

The Regional Secretary and His Deputy in the persons of Odarlai Parker and Baba Seidu respectively as well as the Regional Research Officer Emmanuel Clottey grouped the delegates into clusters in classrooms at the New Gbawe Cluster of Schools situated at New Gbawe Electoral Area, a suburb of the Weija-Gbawe Constituency and made to fill the forms against their wish.

The current NPP constituency executives of Weija-Gbawe who have openly declared their support for the incumbent MP through their actions, tactics, and antics supervised this duress-inclined delegates camping.

At the same event, one of the delegates who also doubles as a polling station executive was allegedly assaulted when he was confronted for supporting a close contender, Patrick Kobina Baidoo aka 'Blue Boy'.

According to the victim Abubakar Asare a Polling Station Officer and Delegate, he was assaulted by Willie Ashley popularly known as (Obama) a close supporter of the sitting MP, Hon. Tina Gifty Naa Ayeley Mensah.

The incident has so far been reported to the Lafa Police Station at New Gbawe for further investigations.

His crime for the attack was that he accompanied Blue Boy at the time he attempted to pick nomination forms which failed.

The Polling Station Officers were made to fill the forms under duress although the delegates asked the officers that they should be allowed to go home and fill the forms and then return the forms later but the officers and constituency executives present decline.

Their excuse was that the results or outcomes of the research have to be submitted as soon as possible to the Presidency for prompt action.

This answer baffled some of the delegates because they cannot fathom why the MP in the process was going or moving from classroom to classroom pleading with the delegates to forgive her and allow her to go for the election unopposed.

Audio voices from the victim of the attack and samples of the questionnaire used to elicit the test popularity of the MP Tina Mensah have been attached.





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