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13.02.2020 Social News

Nkosuo Initiative Launches Its ‘Africa We Want Project’

Nkosuo Initiative Launches Its ‘Africa We Want Project’
LISTEN FEB 13, 2020

What is your African dream? Seeking responses from youth across the African continent on the question above is causing a stir and a conscious awakening of the active role - as opposed to the long reticence - of youth in realizing the pan African agenda.

In his statement, Mr. Joseph Dennis Nii Noi Quarcoo, the CEO of the Nkosuo Initiate Foundation iterated the pivotal role of youth if the vision of a unified African state would be achieved. He said “The Africa we want will only be possible when we all, particularly the youth come to the realization with a sincere belief that the desired future is attainable and more so exert considerable effort to make this vision a reality.”

He continued that “youth of today must determine to be Significant Members of our Generation, Change Agents!” We must go beyond the love of self, he said, and have a deep care for others. In trying to meet other people's needs, our individual needs will be oversupplied.

The aim of Nkosuo Initiatives’ ‘Africa We Want Project’, is “to empower African youth (regardless of their location) through the consciousness of identity in order to instigate and steer change towards a Strong, United and Progressive Africa. An Africa that has an equal voice on the global platform. An Africa with empowered youth. An Africa where dreams come alive for its people and not only for foreigners. To witness the creation and establishment of the United State of Africa with proud citizens within our generation.” This should be a generational achievement of a sort, a kind of positive legacy (a strategic positioning) to be passed on to our children and their descendants.

History has taught us that “change doesn't just happen, change is instigated. It usually takes one person for change to begin, but definitely need a team/a group or a movement for change to be sustained - and that is what this initiative is about.”

This project is a social movement. A call for change, led by the youth all across the ‘continent’ of Africa and in the diaspora. In effect, We (the youth) would be building pressure – from an empowered position through different modes – greater than that which the 'West' has and continue to inflict upon our political leaders; A force much stronger than the greed of our politicians. One that cannot be overlooked, one that cannot be silenced YET PEACEFUL. Giving oxygen to the voice of the youth; “the strength of youth channeled in the fight for inclusion, in the quest for true liberation and the right to lived dreams and aspirations. We will leave this no more to African political leaders, It is our turn to stand, our time to arise and claim our stories - to write the course of our futures.”

The Nkosuo Initiative Foundation is a youth-led non-governmental organization focused on the socio-economic empowerment of marginalized groups including women and youth in West Africa and the poorest countries on the continent.

So then, what kind of Africa do you want?

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