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13.02.2020 Feature Article

A Quick Note To Mr. Yuu - The Coward Who Hides Behind A Moniker To Insult Others On

A Quick Note To Mr. Yuu - The Coward Who Hides Behind A Moniker To Insult Others On
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Dear Mr. Yuu,

Many thanks for your insightful comment - and kind words. Yes, my weightless articles prove indeed that I am no writer. I accept that wholeheartedly. Additionally, I will also happily accept that I am also an unintelligent old fool. Have that pithy-literary-drink on me, Massa. One for the road, as it is put in Ghanaian Pidgin English phraseology. God bless you.

On a more serious note, however, may I humbly point out that as far as the fight against galamsey is concerned, it is actually our collective future that is at stake - and that we must therefore not allow what is happening to be turned into a political football by cynical people wanting to score cheap political points?

As it happens, investigations are underway to punish wrongdoers and rectify what has gone awry. May I humbly suggest we wait for the denouement of that unfortunate saga? We are lucky people with a beautiful country full of potential. We must find alternative livelihoods for rural people that will enable them to live healthy lives in healthy environments.

Instead of disrespecting people, who are complete strangers to you, and whom you would never dare insult, were you to meet them face to face, perhaps brilliant people such as your good self would occupy yourselves better, and expend your energies much more profitably, on society's behalf, by suggesting solutions to some of our nation's myriad of challenges - such as halting the galamsey-tide-menace permanently?

Massa, that is far better for Mother Ghana, than giving in to the temptation to categorise this beautiful nation of ours, as a sh*thole-country: in effect condemning it permanently - which is what your abominable, unspeakable and insulting comment to my article entitled: "Government Should Not Give Up The Fight Against Illegal Gold Mining - It Must Fight Smarter Instead" seeks to do in reality, does it nor? Ghana is not a shithole country, Opanin Yuu. Full stop.

For the information of cynics across this marvelous country, the good shall prevail in our homeland Ghana, in the end - the duplicity of political parties and greedy politicians gang-raping Mother Nature so brutally, notwithstanding. Thanks once again for your kind words - and for sharing your viewpoint. May God bless, protect and guide you always, Mr. Yuu.

Yours in the service of Mother Ghana,


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