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20.04.2006 Business & Finance

NPP To Wrestly Northern Regions From NDC

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An eight-man delegation from the northern caucus of the NPP in USA has arrived in Ghana to study how the NPP can transform the three northern regions of Ghana into a stronghold of the party.

The delegation was led by Mr Mohammed Idris, who also serves as the chairperson of the NPP—North American Branch—in the USA and Canada.

Mr Mohammed Idris said the delegation would meet the newly elected national executives of the NPP and then tour the Northern, Upper East and Upper West regions and key Zongo sections in the major cities.

As part of the tour, the northern caucus will also present awards to polling station agents and dedicated leaders at the various polling stations and at constituency levels.

Mr Idris emphasised that one of the key reasons for the awards to the executives at the polling station and constituency levels was to show that the NPP had not forgotten its foot soldiers and that the party was absolutely committed to building a grass root party.

The funds for the awards were donated by the party faithful in the USA who have recognised the key role the northern caucus was playing in researching and developing strategic plans to capture the three northern regions for the NPP.

The NPP North American chairman mentioned that when the NPP came into power in 2000, the party inherited an economy that was bankrupt and President Kufuor had turned the economy around to the level where Ghana was now seen as a model for other African countries.

Mr Idris said the NPP in 2000 had to tackle a runaway inflation, high interest rate of over 40 per cent and diminishing foreign reserves.

Mr Idris explained that under this state of affairs in 2000, these economic indicators mentioned had to be brought under control to stabilise the economy.

“President Kufuor took some bold decisions and turned the economy in the right direction.

With the visionary leadership of President Kufuor, so aptly and eloquently stated by US President George W. Bush, Ghana is now ready to tackle the human side of its tender democracy,” he said.

The NPP North American chairperson and leader of the northern caucus delegation to Ghana stated that it was because of the enviable record of President Kufuor's performance in the last five years that Ghana now had the support of the major economies of the world.

“Ghana will get the crucial support needed as President Kufuor embarks on new programmes to alleviate poverty, improve the welfare of Ghanaians, and to improve healthcare for Ghanaians,” he said.

Mr Idris mentioned that as a testimony to the outstanding leadership of President John Agyekum Kufuor, in July 2006, Ghana would sign the Millennium Challenge Account (MCA) compact under which Ghana will be one of the first few countries to source funds from the MCA from the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC).

He went further to say that Ghana, under President Kufuor, will have the funds from the US to invest directly in its people and programmes that will benefit the average Ghanaian – the human side of democracy.

Mr Idris also commended Mr Mac Manu, the newly elected NPP National Chairman, for putting peace and tranquility for the Tamale Central Constituency above the self-interest of the party and not participating in the Tamale bye-election.

He said the northern caucus of the USA recognised that the NPP, as the party in government, cherished and respected the freedom and security of the people of the Tamale area.

The northern caucus said it was a wise and noble decision by Mr Mac Manu, because the party's aspirations were put on hold for the benefit of the people of Tamale.

Mr Idris also mentioned that the Northern Caucus and the North American Branch of NPP would work with the Chicago Chapter of the NPP in funding the party's international desk at the party headquarters.

Mr Idris said the delegation would be in Ghana for six weeks and at the end of the period, complete the strategic research and plans for the NPP to win the three northern regions in the 2008 general elections.

In a related development, Mr Kofi Amoabin, Chairperson of the Chicago Chapter of the NPP, has commended the national executive and the northern caucus for doing a good job for the party and the country.