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20.04.2006 General News

Japanese Prime Minister visits Ghana


The Japanese Prime Minister, Mr Junichiro Koizumi will visit Ghana from May 1 to May 3 this year. A statement from the Japan Embassy in Accra confirming the visit to the Ghana News Agency on Thursday said Mr Akira Chiba, Assistant Press secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, would accompany the Prime Minister as a member of delegation, who is responsible for foreign press

Prime Minister Koizumi maintains that the willingness to endure pain today for the sake of a better tomorrow is what is needed in today. One of Prime Minister Koizumi's favourite maxims is: "If the people have no faith in their leaders, they cannot stand."These words are from an anecdote in the Analects of Confucius. Zigong (Tzu-kung) asked Confucius about government.

Confucius said; "The requisites of government are that there be sufficient food, sufficient military equipment, and the confidence of the people in their leaders."

If you had to give up one of the three, Zigong asked, which should it be?

"Give up military equipment," Confucius replied. And if you had to dispense with one of the other two? "Give up food," said Confucius. "Death has always been with us, but if the people have no faith in their leaders, they cannot stand."