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05.02.2020 Editorial

Government Official 1’s Lost Tongue

By Daily Guide
Former President John Mahama
LISTEN FEB 5, 2020
Former President John Mahama

Government Official 1 has had too much of a flogging in the past week and we think the New Patriotic Party (NPP) should give him a respite as he prepares to break his silence or not.

The NPP has finally cracked the code with a direct hit at him (Government Official 1) in their press conference in Accra on Monday: for them Government Official 1 is none other than Candidate John Dramani Mahama.

The former President could not have suffered a more painful campaign season blow: he has lost his tongue and passion for tweeting. A verbal paralysis could pass for an apt description in which the former President finds himself.

From tweeting about ambulances to the banking mess for which he is responsible, it is amazing that on the Airbus he has chosen the path of silence.

Ghanaians are all ears for his response which might not come anytime soon. That defines the weight of the blow inflicted by the mammoth scandal.

For now the NDC has moved to the frontline with their arsenals; their shots so far missing the bull's eye. The weight of the evidence is too heavy to wobble under the returning fire of the NDC.

Most if not all Ghanaians, including others beyond our frontiers, want to hear from the former President especially following the demand by the NPP that he comes clean on the matter.

A subject of such international dimension is one which has put Ghana on the spotlight in the comity of nations.

Some of the former President's minders in their bid to dismiss the case claim it has not cost the country monetary. It is amazing how they are thinking. It would seem they are belittling the intelligence of their compatriots.

The NPP's press conference was preceded by abrasive innuendos as Ghanaians fired from all cylinders as if they had rehearsed for the bombshell. Still the Government Official 1, who the NPP claim is Candidate John Dramani Mahama, has not spoken.

For a man who hardly shuts up when his name comes under this quantum of verbal fire, his silence is not the golden type: he is just taking cover with the hope that the matter would die naturally. Unfortunately, a case which transcends international frontiers and involves a giant in the aviation industry, 'Government Official 1 ain't seen anything yet.'

With President Akufo-Addo directing the Special Prosecutor to wade into the 'already treated case' by special fraud officials in the UK, all that Martin Amidu requires is to get further and enhanced particulars as they relate to Ghana.

The momentum driving the Airbus scandal is massive bringing in its wake a longing for the voice of Government Official 1. Until he recovers, his lost tongue we shall continue to wait.

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