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18.04.2006 Crime & Punishment

Man Beheads Wife Over Easter Convention

By peacefm

Whereas no one will disagree that the occasion of Easter signifies sacrifice and reconciliation among other virtues, that belief failed to hold true for a married couple of Biaso in the Asunafo District of the Brong Ahafo Region, when a simple harmless domestic quarrel turned shockingly tragic.

The tragedy struck when the man, Kweku Asamoah, who is about 35 years old, beheaded his wife of five years on Easter Friday. According to The Independent sources, the couple, both of who are members of the Assemblies of God Church were preparing to attend the Easter Convention at Wamanafo, a village about 10 kilometres from Biaso where they reside.

It appears Kweku Asamoah changed his mind somewhere along the line, but his 30-year-old wife, Afua Tawiah, still wanted to go for the Easter Convention. Kweku Asamoah however refused to let her go and a quarrel ensured. According to reports reaching The Independent, Afua Tawiah, on the eve of Easter Friday, informed her husband of her intention to attend the convention, but again Kweku Asamoah refused.

On Friday morning, according to sources, Afua Tawiah raised the issue again and again her husband re-affirmed his refusal to allow her to attend. That infuriated Afua Tawiah and another quarrel started. The couple, both of who are farmers, quarreled for a while and stopped. After a long lull, sources say, the couple started another altercation, which soon evolved into a full fledged verbal fight at around 7.00pm.

At one point Kweku Asamoah became so infuriated and entered their room. Some of the people around thought he was tired of quarrelling and was trying to stop it by leaving the scene, but they turned out to be so wrong when Kweku Tawiah, according to sources, rushed outside again wielding a cutlass. He set upon his wife and by the time he was through with her Afua Tawiah's head was severed from her body. Eventually realizing what he had done Kweku Tawiah bolted.

A family of the late Afua Tawiah, who deposited the body of the deceased at the Dormaa Presbyterian Hospital, told The Independent reporter that she is from Aboabo in the Dormaa District. They have between them two girls who are twins aged four years. The police mounted a manhunt for Kweku Asamoah in the district and seeing no way of escape he reported himself to the police at Guaso. When newsmen checked with them the police at both Dormaa and Guaso confirmed the story.