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04.02.2020 Editorial

Cracking A Code: Intermediary 5 And…

By Daily Guide
LISTEN FEB 4, 2020

The story about the Airbus deal made landfall over the weekend and the turbulence associated with it is enormous.

The fallouts are being felt far away from the epicentre of the orchestration, leaving both Ghanaians baffled as they seek the details of Intermediary 5 and his brother or whoops his relative, Official 1, an elected top personality.

What we are not told is whether Official 1 was the most important gentleman of the land. We are told, however, that he was one who could take the final decision as to the purchase of military grade aircraft and for that matter declare war, ceasefire or truce.

The highly coded Airbus narration has made the story as complicated as the deal. It was as if those behind it preferred it this way, so the tracks would be sufficiently covered, invisible even to the most experienced forensic expert with eyes for the finest details.

Intermediary so and so makes the difficult story interesting, a political thriller of sorts the cracking of which remains a tasking mental exercise.

Intermediary 5 has provoked an assortment of theories, a book authored by a former elected top citizen providing a ready resource of germane material to enable those engaged in the guess work to grasp something concrete.

For sure, this week and the ones to follow will be interesting; the thrillers prompting interventions by NDC actors who expect their occasional denials to help matters.

When an elected official engages in acts which are incompatible with his status, he drags his government into these; he cannot be isolated from the government he led. The NDC argument is flawed when juxtaposed against the principles of basic logic or governance.

Whether they try to absolve the government machinery of involvement or not, Intermediary 5's role is making their efforts useless.

What a story! In the American version, the facilitators are referred to as 'Agents'. Those who have not read the American version can read its presentation in this edition.

Who is Intermediary 5 and what is his relationship with the top elected government official referred to?

Guesses are being made, a lot of them. One thing about the guesses, however, is that one name keeps popping up.

Intermediary 5 could be the boy who has sojourned in the UK since his childhood and has no knowledge about the aviation industry, let alone making any informed input into decisions about aircraft purchases. Enter Intermediary 6, 7 and 8 and the story becomes somewhat convoluted.

A Ghana Air Force aircraft recently skidded off the apron of the Air Force Base, Burma Camp, Accra, a CASA C295; a product of the sleazy transaction is a fresh chapter in the conundrum. We wonder whether the probe into the accident by the military would reveal technical aberrations ignored in pre-purchase interrogations.

Who are Intermediary 5 and Government Official 1?

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