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01.02.2020 Feature Article

So Many Africa Summit To Showcase Africa

Africa potentials
LISTEN FEB 1, 2020
Africa potentials

The first summit in 2020, the UK hosted the UK-Africa Investment Summit in London.

The Summit was hosted in the UK by the Prime Minister and brought together businesses, governments, and international institutions to showcase and promote the breadth and quality of investment opportunities across Africa.

Imagine over 20 presidents and some dignitaries traveled to the UK for Africa-UK summit, I ask myself what are we summiting in the UK. Poor Africa let me analyze it in the basic form for you to understand. Assuming the presidents and their delegates are 20 people, there are all traveling to the UK, they have to pay for their flight, they have to go to the UK and sleep in very expensive hotels and spend money on the days they will be in the UK. If we should know the budget you will be surprised, so this tells us that the UK is benefitting from the summit.

I ask myself what is UK's having and Africa leaders are going to them for help. Only Nigeria has a market share population than the UK, Nigeria has resources than the UK. So Nigeria should rather be hosting the UK but not the UK hosting Nigeria but it turns out that the UK is rather hosting Africa. To me, I see this as shame and failure on the part of all Africans.

Let me tell you that our combined GDP in Africa is more than any European country and our resources are more than all the world resources combined, so why a single country still hosting Africa. Are we going for hand in cup or we are still begging for help with all this abundance of our resources?

Last year we had Germany- Africa summit, Africa –China Submit, Africa-Russia Summit. Remember it is not Africa Europe-summit or Africa –Asia summit, but just a single country hosting Africa. Well, my basic economics knowledge tells me that our action has already failed our economic development fundamentals and the liberation of Africa from imperialism.

When you have something you want to sell do you display your item on your store or in the market!! Or you go out traveling long-distance calling people to come and help you sell your item!!!

Africa!! Africa!! For!! how long shall we continue underrating our potentials.

When China was developing did they travel to any Africa country for China –Africa summit or calling Africans to come and invest in China no!!. So you see our problem as Africans we just do not have developmental priority.

Do Africa leaders really need to travel and spend much money just to sit around the table to tell a few people that they should come and take our resources to their country just like how Africa was exploited during the colonial era?

Well like in all my writings I always provide a proposed solution. Before I write out the solutions let me say that African leaders do travel with our taxpayers' money to attend any Africa summit, we are rather investing in these countries because of the food and hotel accommodation that Africa leaders and the delegates have to pay for and also market the hosting country.

These are my proposed solution to get investors to invest in Africa:

1. We need to have Africa presidents and Importers Summit, this summit should focus on how Africa importers can invest their capital in importing and selling goods produced in Africa and therefore retaining the Africa industries and production.

2. Africa presidents and industry leaders summit, this summit should focus on how local industries in Africa can produce goods and products that can meet Africa the market needs and therefore reduce importation of foreign goods and products into Africa Markets.

3. Africa –Africa diaspora investors summit, this submit should focus on how Africa investors outside Africa and in developed countries can invest in Africa.

All these summits should take place in Africa and by so doing we are indirectly selling Africa to the international community.

We need the developed countries to come to Africa and sleep in our hotels and spend their monies in Africa and we will also use the opportunity to showcase our tourism potentials to the international world.

To my fellow Africans let us promote made in Africa goods and products, let us consume made in Africa products.

To young Africa leaders how can you lead over increasing Africa populations and how can we reduce the rate at which Africa energetic youth are migrating to Europe for the non-existing job.

We all remember that in the early 18-19 century the Europeans came to Africa to trade with us and they end up colonizing us and some of our forefathers fought hard to gain independence. I remember the words of my grand farther that gain independence for Ghana Kwame Nkrumah said “Africans are capable of managing its own affairs” so why are we still going out to call the same people that our forefathers drove them away from our land to come back again.

Our systematic failure is a result of our leader’s self-interest, and lack of education among the population.

Let us read and educate the people and I do this any time I get the opportunity.

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