12.04.2006 Diaspora News

Letter From Trinidad

12.04.2006 LISTEN

I want to appeal to the authorities to try as much as possible to get to know about Ghanaians living abroad who are stranded, expecially in the Caribbean.

I for one can talk about those living in Trinidad because that's where I reside now, and we have a lot going on here but we don't have anyone to stand for us.

We are negleted. Officials from Ghana come here for visit once in a blue moon but don't care to ask for the Ghanain community - to interract with us and get to know of the many problems that we are faced with on an ongoing basis with the local authorities as there is no voice(Embassy /Consulate/Ambassadorial Representation)to speak on our behalf. While I understand that the administrators of this website may be limited to develop a direct, strategic plan to address the concerns expressed in this dialogue, I am trusting that the authorites take a keen interest in this Comment and take the necessary steps to have this situation corrected in the shortest possible time period. I will endeavour to use this and other mediums to continue to bring the plights of Ghanaians living in the Caribbean and especially those in Trinidad and Tobago to the fore-front of those in a position to help their fellow brethren.

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