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29.01.2020 Feature Article

Should State-funded Boarding Senior High Schools Be Transformed Into World-Class Day Schools

Should State-funded Boarding Senior High Schools Be Transformed Into World-Class Day  Schools
LISTEN JAN 29, 2020

We are such an obdurate people. And hypocritical to boot, with it, too. God help us. We are against homosexuality, yet we won't abolish the government-funded boarding senior high school system (in which that confounded abomination, homosexuality, festers) - and use the money saved to transform such boarding schools into world-class day schools, instead. Amazing.

As an aspirational people, we all want the free senior high school policy to be sustainable. Most of us are also worried about homosexuality spreading amongst our younger generations.

In that regard, the question we must all ponder over is: Will the abolishing of the state-funded boarding senior high school system, not also remove the burden of the state supporting what are veritable cesspits of homosexuality (boarding schools)?

And, at a time when one of the many impacts of climate change is the rapid spreading of infectious diseases, we must acknowledge that perfect conditions for students being infected with all manner of viruses, and assorted bugs, exist, in the over-populated dormitories of state-funded boarding schools. Let's close them down and transform them into world-class day senior high schools.

Furtheremore, why spend billions of taxpayers' funds to enable our younger generations continue staying in boarding schools, when, to all intents and purposes, they are, in reality, bedbug-hotels and perpetual repositories of the DNA of all manner of skin infections?

And, is the painful truth, simply not that the students who attend such boarding schools, unfortunately have to contend with sleeping in jam-packed, lice-infested dormitories, and are also lumbered with having to put up with using egregiously-unhygienic lavatories and bath-houses? Haaba.

Now we are told that feeding students in state-funded boarding senior high schools has become a major challenge. Let us get serious in this country, and for once, deal with this matter sensibly.

State-funded boarding senior high schools, simply no longer make sense financially - and must be transformed into world-class day senior high schools, if the policy of free second cycle education is to remain sustainable and continue being maintained to empower social mobility in Ghana.

The painful truth is that in terms of funding, currently, state-funded boarding senior high schools are the educational equivalent of black holes. They are unsustainable social-enterprise business-models. Full stop. To make the free senior high school policy sustainable, we ought to turn all Ghana's state-funded boarding senior high schools into world-class day schools - for the well-being of our younger generations, above all. Now. Not tomorrow. Haaba.

Kofi Thompson
Kofi Thompson, © 2020

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