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11.04.2006 General News

Agyepong Denies Pratts Claims

By Crusading Guide

I Never Commented On President's Sexual Prowess -Agyepong A comment said to have been made on the President's sexual prowess has been denied. Mr. Kwesi Pratt Jnr., the Managing Editor of The Insight” last Saturday on a current affairs programme hosted on a local radio station submitted that the President's press Secretary, Mr. Kwabena Agyepong in the wake of the Gizelle Yazji saga made comments to the effect that the President's sexual prowess was commendable if he could make twins at his age.

“Indeed I was totally disgusted when I heard him say that well if the President has twins what is wrong with it? After all, it shows that he is a strong man; if at his age, he can get twins, what is wrong with it? I mean, an incredible statement”, Kwesi Pratt said in exasperation. He said if he were the President he would have been worried about Kwabena Agyepong's comments and probably fire him. But Mr. Agyepong vehemently denied Pratt's claim was false and motivated by malice.

Speaking in a brief telephone chat with this paper last Saturday, Mr. Agyepong then in U.K. denied the statement Pratt attributed to him and indicated that his attention would not be diverted from the more pressing issues on top of the President's agenda for the US trip. “Let's focus on things that would benefit national development, things of substance and stop unnecessary diversions and misrepresentation”, he told the Editor-In chief of this paper.

Pratt on the programme took the President on, on the alleged non-existent twins he is said to have had with Ms. Gizelle Yazji. According to him, he was not interested in what two consenting adults did to each other. “That is not my business”, he underscored. “However, he pointed out, “When we have elected a President, it is important for the President to realise that his private life may have repercussions for the country that he leads and for himself.”

“So when we have elected a President”, he submitted further, “it is important that sometimes he tries a little too, if not too much, just a little to zip up”. According to Pratt, Ghanaians could not “elect a President whose zip is open permanently and he is walking over all over the place”, adding further that “it is important for Presidents and leaders to learn sometimes, once in a while, may be a few times, to zip up. That is important for the Presidency; that is important for the country”.

Pratt also took on the Commission for Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) for not inviting Ms Yajzi to justify her claim that the 'Hotel Kufuor' belonged to President Kufuor rather than his son, Chief Kufuor.