11.04.2006 General News

One Minister + One Year = Six Houses

By Palaver
One Minister + One Year = Six Houses
11.04.2006 LISTEN

Months of painstaking investigations and surveillance by Ghana Palaver Research Team and undercover reporters have finally paid off – and the paper has struck pay dirt! Professor Mike Ocquaye, NPP MP for Dome-Kwabenya, Minister of Energy, former Ghana’s High Commissioner to India for three years, and former lecturer at the University of Ghana and rumoured NPP Presidential aspirant for the 2008 elections has built or is building six mighty mansions in the one year that he has been back from his Ambassadorial position in New Delhi, India. That is not all. In the process, Government vehicles, notably vehicles of the ECG, have been freely utilized on this purely private project. The financial loss involved cannot be immediately calculated. Indeed our informants at Professor Mike Ocquaye’s project sites inform us that the vehicles in question have since been auctioned to the Minister, and they are permanently parked at the project sites.If you add a family house at Osu that the Minister has pulled down and is rebuilding into a mansion along the lines of the Taj Mahal which he must be seen for the first time when he went to represent HIPC Ghana in New Delhi , that will make seven houses in one year. These seven houses do not include his present house at Haatso, in which he resides.

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