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Questions Concerning Political Apathy

Questions Concerning Political Apathy
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If you want to know why there is so much apathy in the NDC today especially among talented young people ask me?

Prior to 2009, some of us worked profusely in writing as ghosts, as groups and as individuals for the NDC party.

I had one great, talented and particular editor of my writings called Fiifi Kwetey who worked with me to make perfect all the scripts. We never had disagreements over the content. He was just a master of perfecting whatever some of us wrote.

We admired Fiifi Kwetey simply for that- and we praised him(the team) for it.

We thought we were a team with Fiifi Kwetey before and after elections but we had to think again from 2009. He forgot some of us even existed as soon as he got appointed in government. No more email exchanges. No meeting called. We were disappointed.

The last time I received an email correspondence from Fiifi Kwetey was in 2011. - exactly 10 yrs ago. It was a reply to an article I had written criticizing the new government of the NDC and the behavior of its appointees. I sent it to him directly and personally.

In his reply, he said a lot of things but he particularly accused me of trying to foment “an internal uprising” without any basis. He left me feeling that he was so far removed from our common grounds just a year before.

Fiifi Kwetey didn’t bother to call me or my team for a meeting to discuss our concerns. He had become far too important to do that. Or rather, we had become far less important to deserve a meeting with him.

At that point, I gave up on him. And I have never been in touch with Fiifi Kwetey since 2011. I am sure he cares less. But so do I.

The big question now is:

Should I, or any of those who were part of that discarded team, care and be enthusiastic about another next NDC government in which a Fiifi Kwetey is already penned down as my minister of state? Is it even in our interests to care and to work towards it?

These are hard questions that many young NDC people - at least, those with brain cells, integrity and experience and who are not just mere WhatsApp politicians- are asking today.

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