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22.01.2020 Feature Article

How to Develop Your Leadership Skills

How to Develop Your Leadership Skills
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My message for 2020
I can better illustrate the title of the article to you with a more practical and valuable lesson about the lion. I believe it can help you and change your future. The truth about the pride is that; the females do the hunting. If you want to be a leader from today, keep this valuable lesson with you forever.

1. When a lion sees prey, it doesn't attack alone. The female lion makes a strange sound calling on other pride to help.

Lions don't call any other animals less their kind. They call animals exactly like them. Associate with people who share the same values, beliefs, and vision with you. Iron sharpens iron.

2. When the lion makes the sound, the pride comes to help.

Not all lions would hear the sound. Not everybody will help or support you but when you make your sound, but be hopeful God will surround you with destiny helpers.

3. When the pride wants to attack they isolate the prey.

Stop distracting yourself with a lot of things. Focus on one thing at a time. Not every good thing is right. You were not created to do everything. Isolate your vision and work towards it.

4. The pride jumps with its claws in the body of the prey. Regardless of how strong the prey is, they won't let go until the prey fall.

Persistent makes you heavy. Your weight towards a problem, goal, dream or purpose will increase if you persist. Don't give up now, the challenge will soon fall.

5. When the prey falls, they share the meat among the pride including their cub (little ones).

Make sure in whatever you do, you have in mind others and your generation to come. Leaders don't think about themselves, they think of the next generation.

6. No lion in the pride takes the credit when the prey is killed.

Don't be too expectant for getting credit when you solve a problem. True leaders don't care about who gets the credit. All they care about is to see the problem fall.

Never forget this; it will help you achieve success.

God bless you
It is well.

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