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09.04.2006 General News

Esseku breaks silence ‘NOBODY CAN PUSH ME’

By Bismark Bebli - The Chronicle

THE FORMER National chairman of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), Mr. Harona Esseku, who has recoiled into his shell barely five months after he made explosive revelations that the presidency was involved in a corrupt odyssey -of receiving and keeping kickbacks in the Castle-, has indicated his preparedness to bounce back into active politics.
According to him, his silence does not mean that he has been gagged or that he has bowed out of active politics; but it is for a reason.

“Nobody can push me to the back. I have decided to retire from making statements and I will soon come back into active politics,” he told this paper in a telephone interview last week.

Mr. Esseku, who denied that he is being 'chased' by the Castle, made this observation when this paper contacted him about the reports that his party, the NPP, has instituted a disciplinary committee to investigate his allegations of kickback and to respond to the assertions that the Castle is after his blood.

“There is no reason that the Castle would be after my blood. Nobody from the Castle is after my blood. I would soon come out,” he said.

The former chairman, who stepped down from his bid to retain the chairmanship of the NPP for a second term, in the midst of his reported allegations of kickbacks at the presidency, refused to comment further and said, “I don't want to comment on the story in the Enquirer because they always publish rubbish.”

The NPP disciplinary committee was investigating Mr. Esseku, who opened up a can of worms when he alleged that the presidency was engulfed in corruption to the extent of collecting and receiving kickbacks in the Castle.

The Disciplinary Committee, chaired by Mr. Sam Okudzeto, was mandated to make disciplinary inquiries into a story published by the Enquirer, a newspaper edited by Mr. Raymond Archer, who doubles as an ace investigator, under the caption, 'Castle Hijack kickbacks.”

This paper has learnt that Mr. Archer has been invited and he has disclosed that he was not prepared to cooperate with the Committee, simply because the matter was an internal one and above all, terms of reference of the committee was not given to him.

It would be recalled that late last year, Mr. Esseku came under severe pressure, following his revelations. Consequently, he refused to attend the national delegates congress of the NPP held at University of Ghana, Legon and has since maintained a low profile.