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You Cannot Cage A Heart That Is In Love

You Cannot Cage A Heart That Is In Love
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"Barack and Michelle, both Harvard graduates, met back in 1989 when Michelle, then Michelle Robinson, was assigned as Barack's mentor at law firm Sidely Austin LLP. They went on their first date a month later, and it was then that Michelle began to learn, and love, everything about her now-husband. 'He showed all the sides - he was hip, cutting edge, cultural, sensitive.

The fountain - nice touch. The walk - patient,' she says. The pair married on October 3, 1992, and Barack couldn't be happier with his bride of 26 years. 'The quality I love most about her is, she's honest and genuine,"' he says. (E. McDonald. Oct 04, 2019. Barack Obama and Michelle Obama's love story in pictures.)

Recently, a young man brandished the picture of a Catholic Rev. Sis on his Timeline and jabbered some words that did not relate to the picture. As it is wont in the modern era for some boys and men to express their love for a lady they know or don’t with such gibberish, a discerning mind knows that the poster was expressing his love but used the un-relating words as a cover-up.

Whichever, you cannot cage a heart in love but some cultures and traditions put a barrier, and this limits the person’s physical expression of his or her love for the person loved, be the person married or not. The heart knows what it loves, whether it expressed it or not.

The heart habours a lot of unexpressed love and factors like complex accruing from lack of financial muscle, lack of qualitative education, the person are married and many more, can lead to one not expressing his or her love for the other. Mind you, it is not true that the heart has only one love. It is true that traditions, cultures, and religions are the margins that cage our excessiveness not to ‘love’ everybody our hearts beat for. Hence, when we choose one person, we tend to relax. However, a heart in love cannot be caged.

We might have all the money in the world with the best of things around us, but the heart without love is empty. That you are a married woman or man does not mean that there are no one million and one persons you admire or that also admire you. But traditions, cultures, and religions become a barrier for you to express your love or for them to express theirs to you. However, with all these, you cannot cage a heart that in is love.

It is a lie when some persons tell you that they love only one person. It can only be true if these persons do not have human souls. The heart is not limited to loving; it is full of love, always eager to express the expensive quintessence of human life. But traditions, cultures, and religions bar the heart from this expensive quintessence of human life.

Every person on earth has his or her uniqueness why you crave to love him or her as far as first – the person’s physical beauty or handsomeness captures your eyes. Mind you, beauty, as they say, is in the eyes of the beholder. This beauty could be the person’s straight leg, complexion, eyes, brain, lips, just name them. Beauty does not necessarily mean one’s facial look.

You could see a beautiful woman but she is not charming and meet, a charming woman but she is not beautiful. It is this ‘charm’ that draws us closer to someone, the opposite sex. But when the person is saying, married – traditions, cultures, and religions bar the heart from expressing its love. But you cannot cage a heart that is in love.

On the last line, it is laughable when some sects curse the pleasurable organs in human beings as causing sin through their indulgence. The question is would it be good to deny yourself and torment your body from eating food when you are hungry. Which of them is sin? To eat when you are hungry or to suffer your body by not eating when you are hungry?

Man and woman have individually endured inharmonious influences created by early men to checkmate the world they saw. Notwithstanding, times are changing. This includes character and nobility... but one thing that remains sacrosanct is that you cannot cage a heart that is in love, just like the young man who uploaded the picture of a Catholic Rev. Sis on his Timeline, cannot stop uploading more of her pictures simply because his heart craves...


Jan. 20 2020.