Unfolding The Second Folder Of Manasseh

Feature Article Unfolding The Second Folder Of Manasseh
JAN 21, 2020 LISTEN

I made my 2020 resolution and the substance of this is to stay close and deflect any needless attack on HE John Dramani Mahama and anything that will stand his way in his quest to rescue this country come December 2020. So, if you notice that I often respond to such attacks especially from known critical voices in the past, please it is just part of my solemn pledge that I made and not that I have any personal scores to settle with any of such voices.

From where I sit, I think HE John Mahama is the most vilified and most abused President in and out of office in our recent history. Some people have become big boys in government today while others have earned lofty rewards for waging unwarranted attacks on President Mahama in the run-up to the 2016 general elections.

In fact, Mr Mahama had become a political market for some people so that even if they mentioned his name loudly and sought to heap all problems of Ghana on his head on their programs, they were given stipends to buy more fuel. All these happened and still happening because of the singular personality of John Mahama. He always wants his humility to reflect in the actions of all his supporters. Today, we want to declare that that enough is enough.

Let it be known that the John Mahama today is a rebranded man; He’s gentle but stiff, humble but slippery, truthful but witty, opened but unpredictable. We shan’t sit aloof and allow greedy political contractors to make their daily bread out of the name Mahama. We shall fight, we shall form a firewall around him and we shall build him up to rescue Ghana for the interest of the suffering masses. Nobody will get the opportunity to wash him down on the back of his maturity and tolerance. Get the message!

Hello Manasseh, it is your brother Kudus Gbeadese from Laribanga once again. I have taken the pain to read on your twitter handle since you blocked me on Facebook. You sought to shut down the National Chairman of the NDC and told him to his face that he has no moral right to simply say the next NDC government under John Mahama won’t pack Ambulances while the poor pregnant women die in the hinterlands due to lack of emergency services. Mr Manasseh, what moral right do you have to comment on any issue in this country which Chairman Ofosu Ampofo doesn’t have? Are you the Next of Kin to Jesus Christ? Do you pay taxes more than all of us in Ghana?

One thing about you that always gets me fuming is you always playing the angel in the midst of our struggle for survival. Don’t let me open your box on how you used draft reports of the so called GYEEDA scandal to make sumptuous meals for yourself. Your fingers stink and if we want to measure you using same standards you use to qualify people before they secure their rights to speak to some specific issues, I don’t think you would have the right to own a twitter accounts how much more operating it the way you do.

Who has the moral right to talk in this country?

-Does Pious have the right to speak on corruption on TV3 News day?

-Does HE Dr Bawumia have the right to speak about the depreciation of the cedi at Town Hall meetings?

-Does HE Nana Addo himself have the moral right to talk about corruption and nepotism in this country and even ask for more years to lead?

Mr Manasseh, did you read from the tabloids that Nana Addo took a gift of $1m from the Indian government for the purposes of renovating the Flag Staff House? What says thou? Is it qualified to be a Presidential bribe-taking exercise or Nana Addo is too special to be describe as one?

Mr anti-corruption campaigner, if you are happy that Ambulances are parked for about four months because of a simple ceremony to score political points, come out and state it and leave the NDC’s National Chairman and President Mahama alone. The very dishonesty you talked about in your post starts with you. The likes of you creates the soft landing for Nana Addo and his appointees anytime the times are catching up with them. You smartly do this by finding your way back to pluck on some issues that are somehow close in color to the current happenings. How on earth would you want to justify the packing of the Ambulances because a similar thing happened under John Mahama? Is Mahama the standard measure for Nana Addo’s government? How do you use an incompetent man as a standard measure to Nana Addo and his 40 competent men? Leave Mahama alone and chase after your taxman.

The NPP In 2016 had a blank cheque to talk about everything including the school feeding program under John Mahama. Were you not in this country when the school feeding program was bedeviled with corrupting to the extent that the Dutch government had to withdraw its support in 2008?

Were you not here when the NDC under Mills and Mahama had to pick the pieces of this program together, refined it, did retargeting and expansion all alone without any external support? Who questioned their moral right to speak about that program? Only about 48 hours ago, Hon KT Hammond had the moral right to call for the arrest and jail persons he calls corrupt appointees of NDC and that will shut them up. Who is KT Hammond to talk about arresting and jailing corrupt officials when he led the sale of our drill ship like “kelewele”? What says thou?

Well, today, I have decided to unfold the second part of the this folder on SADA/NDA. Before I do this, let me set the following records:

-That the issue about guinea fowls flying to Burkina Faso never ever happened as being bandied about. There is no any official record to that effect. The said episode was just a joke in passing which the NPP decided to wrap into one of their propaganda pieces meant to ridicule and haunt Mr John Mahama. Mr Manasseh knows this fact and can attest to it.

-That an investigation commissioned by SADA under the Chairmanship of Prof S.K Oppong into the tree planting program revealed that, 85% of the trees survived. The report from UDS on the tree planting project undertaken by ACI Construction Limited, a subsidiary of the AGAMS Group, indicated that out of 145 plantation surveyed in the 4 afforestation zones encompassing 45 political Districts in 5 regions, average survival percentage was 85. So the April 15th, 2014 Joy News report which was particular about the Winkogo Afforestation in the Upper East Region and that of Kamina Barracks plantations cannot be a true reflection of the situation if we were to go by the UDS report.

I would like to admit that SADA had implementation challenges especially with policy communication, consultation with the beneficiaries and getting their popular support. These challenge aren’t peculiar to SADA but almost all public policies in Ghana. The FSHS policy is currently facing this very challenges. This is not to say some of the decisions taken were all good and justified. Same way I won’t rubbish the entire SADA program.

Given the above, I want to know whether Mr Manasseh Azure Awuni has heard about the missing/stolen 400 tricycles from the premises of now constituted Northern Development Authority (NDA)? As was alleged and captured by the CID letter dated on the 12th of December 2019, the Northern Regional Chairman of the NPP, Mr Samba, the Deputy CEO of NDA and some National Security Operatives were complicit in this case. The 400 tricycles were said to have been stolen by a Youth Group who said they were acting on the orders of the Northern Regional Minister.

Did Mr Manasseh hear that the CEO of NDA, Alhaji Dr. Haroun Majeed was sacked by President Nana Addo the very day (12th December 2019) the CID wrote to indicate their interest in inviting the above-mentioned personalities the CEO had reported to the CID? I want to know whether you have any interest in this case or it’s because your rival (Kelvin Taylor) was the one who led in the revelations? Today, your love for the North has diminished or you have lost your appetite? Since its reconstitution, has NDA done anything or implemented any policy Mr. Manasseh is proud of?

Well, the Northern Regional Minister has denied knowledge of this stealing and Mr Samba has equally denied any knowledge of the missing/stolen 400 tricycles. So, who stole the 400 tricycles? I wish to formally invite Manasseh to conduct a full-scale investigation into this theft and decide himself which media house he would like to set the agenda and break the news. You are most welcome sir.

This is my second folder. Shalom!!!

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