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19.01.2020 Feature Article

Help me: I am bleeding!

Help me: I am bleeding!
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"Please Sir, I beg of you! I need your help. Can`t you see...I am bleeding to death? Any open eyes and mind can see my days are numbered if I cannot get help from professionals."

"I do not understand what you mean?"
"Please Sir...I beg you so much. I seriously need your help...urgently!"

"Yes, not worry. I can see that part of you lays in the dust a bit far from you. But relax my best friend. I swear to you and all people in our country that no harm will done to you. I swear by the Almighty God and by my Prophet Isaac Owusu Pempah that is constantly praying for me and my good works."

"My pain is too much...too much. I can no longer bear the pain I am feeling...and I know the people around me in your country of Ghana are desperate. They need me alive and in full size, not cut into pieces. They need me to import goods and offer buyers value for money...not the daily downfall that scares them too much, that makes planning for the future a daily nightmare. Please great Sir...please help me to stop the bleeding and make me again great and strong...a full note as it should be. I am bleeding to death, Sir. You as a President of this great Nation...with wisdom and the right actions you can surely make it possible that I survive in good, please Sir, I beg of you for my life!"

"Do not worry...past week I have inaugurated a committee investigating the reasons for the misery you find yourself in as certainly I need to ensure by December 6th this year's Presidential Elections I will come out as a winner again. I want these Committee Members to arrest the Dollar... ."

"Oh...why Sir, what did I do wrong? I am only paper...with some designs on...printed by humans. I think I am innocent... isn't so? Isn't my fault that people do not know who to deal with me and use me right? For their wrong minds and actions, you want to...arrest me? Me...arresting and bringing into which jail and before which court for prosecution based on which charges?" asked the US Dollar note laying in the sand by many unattended to next to the vendor´s table selling top-up mobile credit and ECG credit.

"I know the President of Somaliland wants only Muslim Banks in his country that deal in Euros, British Pounds, Japan Yen and other currency but not the US Dollar to avoid economic and political problems for his Nation."

"Please, I beg, why do you not call your partner as he is a self-proclaimed Prophet of economic wealth and stability? He should know what is the way forward to make me stop bleeding here in the dust of the road!"

"Oh, you mean HIM...I mean the one by my side making loud noises all day long and every day, my busy body pronouncing promises after promises of which most of them fail in the end?" asked the old overweight and little man with glasses and his wife Rebecca by his side and his father once the owner of the stall and a strong man in the country; the reason for the small overweight little man to claim a great future for himself walking in big shoes, shoes of greater size than his feet can ever fill. The stall was located in Sakumono facing the Gulf of Guinea and the rotten school building with toilets behind the old structures even rats do not want to use to urinate less than making their pupuh. "I only took him," confessed the overweight old little man with Law-Degree in his pocket, "to attract more Muslim buyers and market something I am personally not good at which is finances."

"Can`t you see the green colour once on my paper is bleeding out running along the streets of the city in which people need trust in me, instead the colour is bleeding all around the places in this country? And parts of my note are scattered all over, nothing more at the place it should and could be, right here with me? Can´t you see that I need the right experts, real professionals to help me...and not to arrest me for any offence I never committed?"

"I know what you are saying. I know everything that anyone needs to know to fix all problems around and in my life. It is only sometimes I need a committee of wise man to tell me what is obvious for all at all times to understand...I need desperately to hear it!.... So, I have come for you and get you arrested!"

The US Dollar note cried out loud in stomach pain: "Each day passing my bleeding is going to increase. Chopping money makes the Committee Members chop more...but as for me, the situation will not change be it for them or for you! I need professionals, real professionals that understand the cure that is right for me, the only medication I really need. So, please great man of this country...I desperately beg of you...all I need is trust in, into and of this country...not more, not less."

The overweight small man took off his black glasses and smiled as he always did knowing he knew nothing but needed to show as if he would: "I have least in myself and my ideas...and I guess that can fix all problems!"

"I hear you...but how does it come...", whispered the US Dollar note seeing besides it its old good friend the British Pound and younger colleague, the Euro, equally down in the dust bleeding and scattered all over the place, "we are all down here pushed to extinction to make you people suffer basically for nothing?"

"As long as I am standing tall in history books...why do I have to care for the Nation?"

"This Nation is greater than you!" got the US Dollar note angry, found its last strength to join hands with the other notes bleeding, all lifted themselves up with their last strength to face the wicked old man with no heart nor sense for his people. "We united shout out to the whole wide world: `The Nation of Ghana is greater than any of its Presidents!`"

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