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17.01.2020 General News

Guarantee The Safety And Protection Of Journalist ― Piran-Gh

Guarantee The Safety And Protection Of Journalist ― Piran-Gh
LISTEN JAN 17, 2020

Journalists have always been a target for the rich, powerful chiefs, Politicians and the elitists and bourgeoisie who don’t want their nefarious activities go public and why and how this information get to the public align with journalist work accounts to the killing of journalist in recent Ghana.

People who mastermind and killed journalist in other jurisdiction are arrested and prosecuted, a recent example is the killing of Jamal Khashoggi a journalist in Saudi Consulate in Istanbul Turkey, where five suspects has been arrested and facing prosecution, but same cannot be said of our situation in Ghana, as suspect has always been picked up and release for lack of evidence, why will you always arrest suspect in such cases and let them go for doubtful reasons.

The killing of Late Edward Enning and Ahmed Soule of tiger eye firm is confirming the perception Ghanaian security outfit is not on top of their work or deliberately run conspiracy theories and engage in mole haunts to deceive the victim’s family and the public.

The incapacity of the Policy and their allied agencies to arrest perpetrators of such crimes for prosecution is very worrying and wishes to urge the agencies responsible for investigating such crimes to lift up their game.

The NPP as a party and government should be worried as these unfortunate Journalist murders occur when the Party is in Government.

Should the killing of journalist continue without a cue, it may scare practitioners and prospective Journalist? And wish to advice journalist to love themselves and be each brother’s keeper in line of duty.

Yours faithfully
Felix Djan Foh.
President Piran-gh.

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