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17.01.2020 Feature Article

Tackling The Wasteful Spending

Tackling The Wasteful Spending
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What's today?
Today's Friday.
That means we'll be doing the tackling!
BUT I tell you what the difference between the yellow Moon, the Blue Moon or the red Moon is, the supposed colours don't exist---They exist in your mind and in your eyes. In fact, they're just a figment of your imagination.

By the way, don't mind me, I am only theorising like the Flat Earthers. And I should add, my team will be doin' something different today.

What did you say....You think I'm furious?
No I'm not.I am fired up though.I only get furious when things seriously get twisted.

In the meantime, my senses are racing.
They're pacing like a Jambo jet.
Did I tell you I've got a roll call to do?
Yes, I better get it started lest I be spanked.
May I crave your indulgence dear readers.
Glad to announce that all the actors are here present. The pilot is seated. The writer is ready. And the itch is alive. Every part of me is getting itchy. And every finger is poking the eyes of the keyboard. I'm just being me.

In the pitch darkness the hunter has lost his way(in the jungle) while chasing the cheetah.

It's certainly, a wild goose chase. The mouse races and seeks refuge in the rat's hole she thinks the hunter is pursuing her.

Why take a flight, if you think you hold the key to hell?

Attention Please!
I think the voice you heard earlier was the linguist-- he's the cousin of the wordsmith.

Ubiquitous Constable General is here.
He's well-known as Police across the world. Americans affectionately call him Cop.

He's served in the Ghana Police Service (GPS) for 135 years. Incredibly, with no rank to show.

The carpenter, the teacher, the plumber, the nurse, the lawyer, the cobbler, the baker and the fire fighter, the politician, the broker and the journalist, and the architect and the banker are all here. They've all come to share with me their thoughts on the above subject.

Sorry, I'm not through yet with the list.
The news monger is here, the trader is here, the economist is here, the pastor is here, the priest is here and those commissioned to build the grand Cathedral are here too.

On the right side of my mind, I can see and feel the soldier, the engineer, the farmer, the mechanic, the Fisherfolk, the cab driver and the king and the queen. Yes, they've come.

The musician is here too, the drummer is here too, the percussionist is here too, the saxophonist is here too, and the dancer is here too.

I say, don't get it twisted, because what you think to exist doesn't exist anywhere in the world. It's just a borrowed concept. So stop blaring your vuvuzelas, maybe, just maybe we'll be able to tackle the wasteful spending in the system.

Champions of corporate governance!
He sneezed in Accra, Ghana and I caught the 'cold' here in the Evergreen State in Tacoma Washington. It wasn't cold. It was an itch.

It itched and itched and it itched wouldn't stop itching until I put the little guys to work.

The Auditor-General, Daniel Yao Domelevo had given me something to muse on. Something to digest. He made the following remarks in Accra yesterday.

"I hear some people talking about being champions of corporate governance and somebody was even saying the Governor of Bank of Ghana should be appointed by the board same with the Auditor-General. Where in the world is this practised? Those boards don't exist elsewhere it's only here in Ghana that's doing this."

".In fact, that's a borrowed concept. Even countries like the UK and the US who we borrowed from don't have boards, for the Auditor-Generals."

It's archaic and must be stopped he said.
No doubt, he tells it as it is. He names them by their names and he ridicules them.for professing themselves to be who they are not.

Former public servants
And then he turned his attention to this one-:
"I want to submit that the practice of bringing back former public service servants to their old positions or bringing chief executive officers as board members leaves a lot to be desired. Because clearly there will be conflict," he remarked.

"Since I came to office I've recruited more than 200 people, last year and this year..a whole lot of people will owe me allegiance if you bring me back years later. I can easily undermine the incumbent..." he said.

Duplication of services
According to Mr. Domelevo, many of Ghana’s public service providers are a duplicate of each other, a situation he believes accounts for their poor modes of operations.

He cited the Ghana Education Service (GES) and the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health (MoH) and Ghana Health Service as examples, noting employees at such agencies enjoy taxpayers’ money at the expense of quality service provision when their jobs are being already done by others.

“The issue is that we have too many service [insitutions]. We have Civil Service, Judicial Service, Audit Service, Education Service, Health Service and other several services. As if that level of centralization is not enough, governments have created several Ministries too"

"So what is the serious difference between Ghana Education Service and the Ministry of Education?" He quizzed.

This is just wastage. We have created structures that duplicate roles and by the time we realise, monies meant for development at the district level, are finished. So we need to restructure the public service.

‘Indiscipline affecting quality of work by Ghanaian professionals’ The Auditor-General has in the past bemoaned what he called the decline in the quality of work undertaken by all kinds of Ghanaian professionals.

He said the standards in professions such as accounting, auditing, engineering and vocations such as tailoring and dressmaking have fallen low to the extent that Ghanaians prefer the services of expatriate professional workers.

Mr. Domelevo attributed the worrying trend to lack of discipline of Ghanaian workers.

He explained that, the ‘fundamental’ problem of Ghanaians as it stands now is a lack of discipline.

“The quality of engineering hasn’t improved, the quality of almost everything is going down with more professions. Today, people want to put up a structure and they don’t want a Ghanaian, they are looking for someone else. There is something fundamentally wrong and that thing for me, is lack of discipline,” he said.

And this is where I draw the curtain down, in the hope that all of us, everyone will do his or her best to tackle the wasteful spending.

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