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16.01.2020 Business & Finance

Newmont Ghana Sets Records Straight On Unsubstantiated Compensation Claims

Newmont Ghana Sets Records Straight On Unsubstantiated Compensation Claims
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Newmont Ghana’s Ahafo mine has reiterated its commitment to sustainable and responsible mining and says it will continue to carry out mitigation efforts in compliance with the legal and regulatory requirements.

The company’s statement follows unsubstantiated claims for compensation from property owners, including owners of speculative structures near a proposed resettlement site in Kenyasi.

The Ahafo Mine is in the process of acquiring land to resettle community members potentially to be impacted by its Tailings Storage Facility (TSF) expansion project and is assessing a proposed site for the resettlement. Anticipating this land acquisition by Newmont, some community members have hastily constructed speculative structures within portions of the proposed site and are demanding compensation for their structures. The Ahafo mine’s operational projects have not impacted the proposed resettlement project site and therefore does not warrant the payment of compensation for structures within or near the site, including that of speculators.

The company had earlier notified the property owners that they are not eligible for resettlement as the project site is solely for relocation of individuals projected to require relocation.

“In line with requirements under the law as well as accepted best practices in resettlement, we will continue to offer fair and just compensation, as well as livelihood support to those who are genuinely eligible. The land adjoining Kenyasi No. 1 and No. 2 resettlement sites is not meant for an operational project but for relocation of people. Newmont is not impacting on the properties and livelihoods of property owners including speculators. It therefore does not lie within our remit to compensate for these structures,” said Bernard Wessels, General Manager, Ahafo Mine.

“We will continue to engage in good-faith dialogue with stakeholders to ensure a successful and peaceful execution of this resettlement project,” Mr. Wessels added.