07.04.2006 General News

President Kufuor kept me out - 'Mrs Anane'

07.04.2006 LISTEN
By Daily Guide

The American mistress of Dr Anane, the road & transport minister, Alexandra O'Brien says her inability to travel to Ghana for the CHRAH's hearing into allegations of corruption and conflict of interest against the minister is because President Kufuor is protecting him and therefore putting her security in jeopardy.

The in-camera tesitimony was kept out of the media and public attention.

Ms O'Brien who was speaking on a private radio station in Accra from her base in the US said she was advised by US security apparatus not to travel to Ghana because her security could not be guaranteed.

Ms O' Brien who said she prefers to be called Mrs Anane, said several former heads of government agencies from the US secret service,the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), Central Intellegence Agency (CIA) her lawyer and others disuaded her from travelling to Ghana.

She said her security advisors told her that it will not be safe to travel to Ghana especially when President Kufuor was still in charge and according to her protecting Dr Anane.

She explained that she is not going to put her life in danger because she is the only person who can help CHRAJ in its investigations.

“I have to protect my safety and well being,” she said.

Also Ms O'Brien said she needed to stay back and work in order to meet her responsibilities since she was a single parent.

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